Less is not more.

You know what I realized? There aren’t very many RE’s any more and it’s quite sad. I mean I rarely get any, any more. And if I do get them they are the stupid pointless ones such as that Damn buffalo, or the bug:

Things like that. Or you get the stupid ghosts stealing neopoints from you and leaving you with -80nps on hand!! It’s quite annoying and I just don’t feel neo is like it used to be. I found on the boards the other night that someone claimed they had like 2m neopoints, and someone replied that it wasn’t even considered rich any more! Like WTF! It’s very lame.

That’s all I’ve got so far.

One Response to “Less is not more.”

  1. Edna Says:

    Yeah RE’s tend to come in spurts. Playing games like Neoquest and other ‘clicky’ games really increases your pageviews, and thus you get more RE’s 😉 Blog them too, you’ll soon see you get many more than you even realize.

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