Lots of RE’s

Well today I’ve been trying to RS only to be so close only to get the mere you’re too slow, blah blah boo hoo.
I came close to getting a Daragian Bori MP!

I’ve also been getting a lot of Random Events in the past hour!!
Boo to you too!

He healed them! Too bad he didn’t feed them too!!


Why couldn’t they just give me the Juice!??!


2 Responses to “Lots of RE’s”

  1. steffi Says:

    hey im 16 not 14…again..
    anyways, in singapore we have pre-K (nursery) then kindergarten, then primary school then secondary school and later on tertiary education.
    primary sch is from 7-12 yrs, while secondary school is 13-16.
    our sch yr is from jan-oct/nov..depending if you are in primary or secondary sch. this is because we dont four seasons… we only have summer and monsoon the whole year.

  2. steffi Says:

    oh yeah we have term holidays.. the year is divided into 4 parts… term 1, 2,3,4 …
    anyways, at the end of each term we would have a holiday…
    for term 1 and 3, we have a 1 wk holiday break
    while term2 and 4, we have 1 month break.

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