Who is this guy!? And why is he putting Scamanders in the money tree? They are worth 6m-15m
I so over 100 in about 5 refreshes!


What do you think? Anyone want to fill me in here??

Ok so someone in my guild told me that scamander-in-chief is a member of TNT and that he put out Scamanders in the money tree during or around the lost desert plot…
So that gets me to thinking that does that mean there will be a new plot??
Also regardless of if you click on it in the money tree you weren’t going to get it.

10 Responses to “Scamander-in-chief”

  1. steffi Says:

    hey i dont think that guy is a mmember of tnt.. i mean he might upset the neopoints currency inflation…a similar thing happened many years back and a lot of people were frozen…
    i managed to burst the balloon in UB II and it will give you bonus points… i received 25 bonus points.

  2. Edna Says:

    I saw that once before and like every other fool clicked again and again hoping to get one, lol! Probably just TNT amusing themselves, heh.

  3. ifics Says:

    It is a joke by TNT, the tree does it, not the user. You can never get any of them.

    Scifi, JN

  4. danniegurl4388 Says:

    Thankies, but I think I established this 1 year ago today 😀

  5. ifics Says:

    Yes, well, someone liked you recently. Best to stop anyone wasting more time. 😉

  6. danniegurl4388 Says:

    Who liked me?

  7. emma Says:

    you can’t get’em. when you catch one, it will run away

  8. lola Says:

    the same thing happened to me that happened to emma. hey emma, notice the dates everybody else left their comments. in october 2008, 2007

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