I was Lent the ZDAP!!

So the user tr8 lent me the ZDAP for 800K and 400K 2 trades.
I’ve got my proof for me needing to be lent for other items that I will return!
He hasn’t added me to his page yet but he will. Petpage Click the link and it will take you to his page!!


See he said he would lend to me!

See I did a successful trade!!

I also got some REs as well.


So if you have a Shoyru does something happen?


w00t a new challanger!

Not that I battle….


Perhaps you should get a customizable jacket???


I almost RSed a Chomby MP, it was in the shop, but….I didn’t have any NPS out yet 😦 Sad I know. Click it to view better!

Oh and last night I got a new trophy, not that hard to get, but still it’s a trophy!sahkmet-solitaire.PNG

5 Responses to “I was Lent the ZDAP!!”

  1. Tee hee Says:

    Would you have used the Chompy MP on yourself or have sold it?

  2. steffi Says:

    heys, im using an ancient laptop now… is that chomby MP like 15k? or is it 151k something… anyways, a pity u didnt get it… but when the pound is up again you can adopt a chomby…. im still saving up until i have the adam avvie…. which is a long way to go…i mean i only have 3.44 mil?
    anyways, congrats on the ZDAP avvie lucky you…

  3. danniegurl4388 Says:

    I would have sold it. I had a chomby on my old account.

    Steffi you can click on the image and then in its page click on it again to zoom in. Don’t know why word press did that.
    Yes I’m working on Adam as well I’ve only got 1.5M!!
    I think the MP was around 36K…

  4. agentspyro Says:

    4 the shoyru one: no. nothing happends if you have a shoyru.

  5. danniegurl4388 Says:

    Yes well I know that lol

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