So I’ve just logged back into Marapets today for the first time in over a year and I have to say they’ve improved the site much better. Actually it looks similar to what Neo did before the remake of the layout! So if Neo does go down the tubes…which is looking that way look for me on Marapets. I checked all the other pet sites and I have to say I like marapets the best. I mean already I’ve got over 200K on the account and that’s just from browsing the site! It’s a little easier, but it seems to have a little bit of more things to do. I don’t know, I’m thinking I’m going to have to play it some more to really know. And this gives me some time to work on both neo and mara, as I can do both.
One thing to remember when evaluating what Marapets is or if it’s better then neo is to look at where neo was when it was X years old (I’m not sure how old Marapets is, but it’s still fairly new). I’m liking it they have avies, battle, customization, bank, dailies, and a lot of the same things that neo does, but perhaps theres a little bit more.
So if you feel like you’re getting bored of neo a little but still need something to do? Why not join marapets for the time being and see if you like it, and if you do and neo goes pay to play, or just because something that we don’t like you’ve got a back up account!

Click here to join!

No One Comments Anymore!

No one comments anymore what’s up with that??


Hey Purple_Camo_Gurl, don’t forget
your free Jazzmosis Hat.

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You are now eligible to use ‘Jazzmosis Elephante‘ as an avatar on the NeoBoards!

Voice Comments!

So I have Snapvine, it allows people to call from anywhere, and leave a message. The problem is that wordpress won’t let me put it into my blog, or sidebar, quite annoying, so if anyone knows how to put it up let me know!
Anyways if you guys still want to call feel free the number follows!

Code: *6087953

Nope it’s not my real phone number.
It’s Snapvines, and then you type in the code (I don’t think you need a star)
So have at it. I’ll check it so don’t worry!!
I think you can also call to hear it.
I’m no sure, though I need like a page where I can put it to link to it.
Here’s a link to my profile on that site which will I think also get you the player…not sure though!!
click me

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Something Has Happened!
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Someone bought my PB!

18/02/2008 Negg   3,700 NP
18/02/2008 Bottled Light Faerie   3,825 NP
18/02/2008 Bottled Earth Faerie
2,599 NP
18/02/2008 Bottled Air Faerie
3,884 NP
18/02/2008 Bottled Water Faerie
3,085 NP
18/02/2008 Bottled Water Faerie   3,085 NP
18/02/2008 Bottled Fire Faerie
4,921 NP
18/02/2008 Cloud Paint Brush   83,999 NP

Yep Isn’t that cool!! I’ve made a lot of NPS, but I’m not taking them out until I sell a lot of my stuff from my SDB!

Re: 200K w00t!

So an Update to my post on Half Price Day. I RSed an item, “Sugar Bridge” I had bought it for 5,001 nps! Well I originally thought it was 200K, but it turns out it is worth 750K-800K
It’s in my trades if you’d like it.