So I’ve just logged back into Marapets today for the first time in over a year and I have to say they’ve improved the site much better. Actually it looks similar to what Neo did before the remake of the layout! So if Neo does go down the tubes…which is looking that way look for me on Marapets. I checked all the other pet sites and I have to say I like marapets the best. I mean already I’ve got over 200K on the account and that’s just from browsing the site! It’s a little easier, but it seems to have a little bit of more things to do. I don’t know, I’m thinking I’m going to have to play it some more to really know. And this gives me some time to work on both neo and mara, as I can do both.
One thing to remember when evaluating what Marapets is or if it’s better then neo is to look at where neo was when it was X years old (I’m not sure how old Marapets is, but it’s still fairly new). I’m liking it they have avies, battle, customization, bank, dailies, and a lot of the same things that neo does, but perhaps theres a little bit more.
So if you feel like you’re getting bored of neo a little but still need something to do? Why not join marapets for the time being and see if you like it, and if you do and neo goes pay to play, or just because something that we don’t like you’ve got a back up account!

Click here to join!


40 Responses to “Marapets!”

  1. steff:) Says:

    hmm. no offense, but im sticking to neo. cause it is more challenging. i think mara is kinda copying neo cause its too similar to neo.
    but what really gave me a shock is that you said ” So if Neo does go down the tubes…which is looking that way “….

  2. Phoebe336 Says:

    I go with Marapets! Its way to good for me to leave marapets. What you said just then was great! But the rest was nothing to really do with Marapets.

    Look for me on mara? Contact me on mara? Marapals?

    My user is Phoebe336

  3. icyice Says:

    I LOVE marapets,But its falling behind now…Ian needs to hire more people to work on marapets!

  4. Rian Says:

    Ian doesn’t hire people, He asks specially chosen and qualified users to be staff.
    I am totally sticking with mara. Neo went down the tubes looooong ago.
    It isn’t similar to neo. If only neo was allowed, it would be illegal.

  5. danniegurl4388 Says:

    Neo is similar to mara in many many ways.

  6. Grapes Says:

    I agree Mara is a lot like Neo. But I’m thinking of switching over to Mara as I miss the old Neo and I don’t like the thought of Neopets becoming Neostudies. *studders*

  7. danniegurl4388 Says:

    Well it doesn’t sound like it’s going to be Neostudios because the speculation is it was supposed to change in March, and I believe they touched on the subject in the NT editorial.

  8. Sky Says:

    Yeesh, Mara is better. Neo went down the tubes a long time ago? Wow. I haven’t been on Neo for 2 years and I’m not missing it!☺

    Didn’t Neo close?

  9. danniegurl4388 Says:

    No Neo did not close. i highly suggest re-logging into your account and check it out. Remember before you judge check it out first.

  10. joanhung Says:

    i love marapets

  11. Vampress Says:

    lol, Neopets is full of snobby rich kids who think they all are better than everyone else. Marapets, is a fun site. I like it because it has tectris. I score about 20k a day just from playing 2 games! Honestly, Neopets isn’t challenging, they’re just not generous about giving out money. I mean, neoHTML is so horrible. I honestly, got sick of neopets. I still go on every once in a while, but it still sucks. Besides, I like being able to have more than one house, an avatar, and having better things to do with your pets. Go Marapets!!!!!!!!

  12. danniegurl4388 Says:

    It’s not full of snobby rich kids. And even so, it shouldn’t matter you will find people like that in the real world. So get over it. You’ll find people like that on Mara as well. For neopets a lot of things have changed but it doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy the game at all.

  13. ???aunoimus Says:

    I still say neo is better

  14. Chief Says:

    Finally someone agrees with me!!! Neo is so confusing now do to the new layout. Neo won’t even let me log back in now….. But i have about 500k on mara, and have more fun on it than any other site

  15. danniegurl4388 Says:

    I have over 500K on mara and I have over 1m on Neo.
    The new lay out took some getting used to but I got over it eventually. I don’t really play the games I’m more of an RSer at times. So I know what you mean, I usually go on just to chat with my guild mates.

  16. diana Says:

    When it,s working and there are no server errors the site is brill but they are taking to long to fix errors which is making people angry it about time they sorted the site out for once and for all

  17. Rofegme Says:

    i just started marapets but I don’t know which is better.

  18. danniegurl4388 Says:

    Neither do I. I like mare for the quests and how easy it is to obtain a ton of money aside from that I’m not quite sure I’m fully there.

  19. Leila Says:

    I love both Subeta and Neopets! Marapets = not great, but OK ^-^

  20. Hamstar_6 Says:

    I haven’t been on Marapets for a while, I’m not sure how I’m doing………

  21. jessica Says:

    how do i get rich

  22. danniegurl4388 Says:

    It’s called play games!

  23. ali Says:

    I luv marapets neo stinks the computer it really sucks!!

  24. savvy Says:

    Eh, I like ’em both. 🙂

  25. Charlie Says:

    I’ve got an account on basically all the pet sites. I’ve not been on most of them for ages and forgot my username on some. I gave up on playing on any petsites for a year at one point but I got a message from mara saying about some online prize thing and how to clame it so I thought I might as well go on mara again but I expected it to be rubbish like it was before. How wrong I was! I log on everyday for as long as I can now and I die when server errors are stopping me from logging on. Because I never used to talk on mara, I didn’t ever get any friend requests but I’m now glad I didn’t because they would probably hate me for leaving for a whole year and they might have even forgot who I was … First day i logged back onto mara, I got 50 friends and I’m still getting more everyday! It’s very rare when I don’t log on with someone requesting to be my friend! ^.^
    Neopets on the other hand … I used to be addicted but I stopped playing when I stopped playing mara last year. I had a load of friends … must have been the most popular person on the site actually! I logged on again when I started playing mara again and only one person remembers me!!! The site had no major advances in a year and things got worse in most areas of the site (it took me 5 hours to find my inventory because you couldn’t get to in directly anymore and I only found out by sending an e-mail to whoever owns the site. Oh yeah … that’s another thing! Who /is/ the owner or neopets? NO-ONE KNOWS!!! Ian talks in forums and gets on with the members of mara but the owner of neo if unknown … I bet it’s some 5 year old kid with how rubbish the site is! Neo has been going for longer than mara but mara’s more popular and has more to do! Don’t get me started on how much I hate neopets! There’s only one person I personally know that likes neopets more than mara and she’s nuts! I can’t find anything on neopets! It’s stupid! Tha map is confusing and the members all suck! there’s NOTHING good to say about neopets unless your a two year old idiot that doesn’t even know what to do but you like the “pwitty pictures” on neo. Mara has better drawings too and Ian doesn’t hire a load of profesional artists for it. So he gets professionals to do some things … why not? Laimay is an awesome artist and Ian’s lucky to have her help on the site! I mean … come on: Neo hires professional artists and still can’t get good pets!
    Go on marapets and look at all the staff … they’re all so kind! WHO’S STAFF ON NEOPETS … Once again, NO-ONE KNOWS!!! It sucks so much and mara is too good for words!
    I got all my friends addicted to mara and even the haters of pet sites in my family have accounts! My 10 year old niece and 55 year old dad both love mara … enough said!
    If you say you like neo more: GET A LIFE YOU SAD FREAK!!!
    I’m willing to bet on the fact that more people like mara than neo. Over 1,000,000 members in 5 years says it all! The 9th member of mara is as active as ever but you couldn’t find and member in the first 1,000 on neo that played for over 5 years! yeah I’m writing a lot but I’m trying to get the point across that mara is awesome and neo is exactly the opposite!

    All people reding this that are addicted to Neopets, Zetapets or whatever … Join mara because it’s a LOT better.

    Tha remings me … Zeta. What do you do on that? 12 pets that are always hungry isn’t my idea of fun. 4 worlds to explore when zeta has been going on for ages … WHAT THE HELL!?! You have to be kidding me if you say you like zetapets! GET LOST!!!

    Getting rich on neopets: Impossible!
    Getting rich on zetapets: To easy at times … what’s the point? And too hard other times … WHAT!?!
    Getting rich on Marapets: Ka-ching! Not hard at all and you have something to spend the money on unlike on zetapets. There’s the random ZP game on zeta … you get a load of cash and can’t spend it. At least there’s stuff to buy on marapets!


  26. danniegurl4388 Says:

    While I agree with your opinion on somethings attacking people who believe that neo is better is just wrong. it’s your opinion, not theirs. You shouldn’t be forcing your opinion on others. Number two Viacom owns neopets, who also owns, Nickalodeon, MTV, MTV2, VH1 and a ton of other companies of course they don’t care about the players and they do it for the money. I wish Adam and Donna didn’t sell out. I think neo would have been a lot better with them running it. I hated the new neo when the site changed the layout. I agree with you that mara has more to do, and because they aren’t money grubbers which is why neo is slowly declining in the people who’ve played neo for a long time. I have been playing neo for 6 years and think Its gone down hill they could have done more-free things more to the site and more plots with awesome prizes instead of stupid prizes. I like mara too, It does have a ton of things to do, however I’ve been waiting for them to fix the card games, I love card games but they don’t work so it is sad.

  27. Charlie Says:

    Neopets is owned by a big company now? That wrecks the fun of it!

  28. danniegurl4388 Says:

    Yes this happened years ago. Before everything was changed to the new layout.

  29. Charlie Says:

    Ohh … did wonder. I liked it better when it was newer. I went on almost every day

  30. Mina Says:

    Marapets. Neopets doesn’t care about its players, while Mara’s staff are always there to help 🙂

  31. Sofa Says:

    I, personally, enjoy Marapets, better than Neo.
    I think the people on Neopets are rude.
    I’ve been called a n00b countless times. Yet, I joined in 2003.

    • .. Says:

      n00b=someone who does nothing but spams and be immature
      newb=someone who’s new and just asking for help and tips

      there is a difference, you know.

  32. sarah Says:

    i like marapets better than neopets. marapets is enjoyable,fun and safer than neopets.mara also lets you have up to 12 marapets.neopets only lets you have 4. and ever since i left neopets, when i came back,it was soo lame and boring. GOOOO MARAPETS!!!!!!

  33. Sparkle Says:

    Marapets is too easy, and very very confusing. It should /not/ be too easy to earn points, nor avatars. Plus, They Copied It So It Sucks.

    If you seriously prefer Marapets to Neopets, I’m guessing you got frozen for not following the rules (Which are not hard to follow BTW, unless you’re a *~rebel~* 12 year old) and got butthurt. Or find it OMG SO HAARD. Neopets is fun. It’s challenging and I have met some wonderful people. Marapets is too confusing with it’s 355656 worlds and 3 point systems, and it’s too easy to earn points and such.

  34. AJ Says:

    neopets is LAME!

  35. Just making a point Says:

    I’m not here to be all like “I H@T3 mARaP3ts!!!11!!1!!!1! Ne0 is D@ B0mb!!!11!!!!!!1!” No. In fact, I really hate it when people are like that. It’s immature and makes your opinion stupid..

    Anyways, I’m just here to point a few things out. (:
    For all you people out there who says that neo copied mara, or any other virtual pet site, you’re so wrong. It’s mara who copied neo. In SO many ways. So many that it would take all day for me to finish listing them.
    Some graphics on mara makes me want to wash my eyes in alcohol. Inside-out pets, you serious?! Wow… And zombie pets.. you don’t even want me to go there. Neo, on the other hand, has kid-friendly (I’m not saying it’s just for kids) graphics. Plus they don’t have inside-out pets. Even their transparent and zombie pets look non-disgusting. 😉
    Ads… Mara is LOADED with them. Sometimes I have trouble seeing a page because there is so many ads! And some ads are really ridiculous. Once I saw one that said my computer has viruses and wants me to click there to delete them. O_o.. Neo has only 2 or 3 at the most, ads on a single page. If it’s your birthday, they even get rid of all the ads for you! How generous!

    You know, I could go on, but no, I don’t want to spend like 2 or 3 hours to type everything I want to. I’m just here to make a point.. remember? (:

    • Just making a point Says:

      Ohh, and, Neo doesn’t freeze you for no reason, for all you people who says that they do. If you think they froze yo for no reason, it’s because you have been cookie grabbed. Apparently, some stupid users on neo enjoys doing that! If you’re CG’ed (cookie grabbed), you should send in a ticket, and hopefully, get your account back! I got CG’ed before, but now I’m back on my account (with everything still there). TNT should contact you by e-mail in about a few months (1-3), giving you a temporary password. TIP: don’t send in multiple tickets, or else you’ll clog their systems up and never get a reply!! A friend of mine did that, and she never got her account back. I only sent in 1! I know this is off-topic but hey, just giving you guys a friendly tip! (;

  36. Cpvr Says:

    Well, what do you guys think made Marapets so popular? Have you noticed how Mara hasn’t been so active(in terms of users online) in the past few months?

    What do you guys think about this blog post

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