Its 4:44am Do you know where your child is?

Ok so I think I’m going to start addressing some of the search topics that come to my blog for help.

But not right now as I think I’m going to head to bed for an hour and be woken up by my boyfriend for some breakfast in bed, he’s bringing me blue berry french toast yummy!

Anyways this will address some of the guides people are looking for.

Also if you’re looking for guides on things I have posted their banners under the “Helpful Hearts” on the right side of my blog
Right side.
Under Helpful Hearts in case you missed the memo.

Yes I did get the shapeshifter avie, the guide doesn’t tell you much, because it’s different for everyone but eventually you’ll have to figure it out for yourself, it lays out the ground work.

But I’ll do some of that tomorrow if I’m not busy….which I shouldn’t be 🙂


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