Sloth Plot Mods help!

Alright so as I said I’d explain how to get the 3 mods. In this example we have the mods with the “o”.
Here is the key from Plot Help Page


Here is the Decoding page, yours will be different!!


Please open the above picture in a new window while reading this to refer back. (As it’s too large to see the whole picture in the post).

So the first letter from my key (which is the top next to the word ‘key’) is C
And the first letter from my target (bottom next to the word ‘target’) is P

So I have to put together 3 mods to get from C to P.
How to do this is pretty simple.
You use the page above ( from which I took the letter key from.) And find out which combos you’d need to put together to get to that point.
So on that page it says the C to P use ‘Set 2’ Which has
These are possible combos to put together, it does not matter the order.
So we’ll start with the first combo X-X-O.
I open a note pad (on the computer) and I type out the possible combos so I can keep track.

I do this by typing the first combo as follows:
Then i use the numbers next to the different mods 1-30 to put the combos together.
which would be then:
4 refers to mod #4 on the combos page (the small thumbnail at top.)
11 refers to mod #11 they both start with X
So now we have 2 x’s and we need an o
#3 is a combo which starts with o

It’s Rather Simple!


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