Yea I’m not making this up!

There is a Pregnant Man….yep you heard me correctly! Click Here for Story
I’m Pro-GLTB
I have no problem with Gay Marriage or transgendered in any way.
I don’t think that the government has a RIGHT to not let gays marry.
Why does it matter to you? It no longer effects you.
A lot of people say that it’s because of religion, however, I don’t think this is true. Many people are getting married in the Justice of the Court, not going to Church, or Temple. People need to get over it, just because you think it is gross doesn’t mean you shouldn’t let people do what they want.

Think about it this way, the Black race of America didn’t have rights, they do now, the women of America had no rights, they do now,  now it’s the gays of America have no right to marry, or anything with being acknowledged! How is that?

*shakes head*

What someone does in their own  home is their own business but Gays need to be able to be part of society without being put down.

So now you know where I stand on that issue.