Oh Wow!

Alright well it’s down to one week until I am no longer a teenager and there is no turning back.
It’s crazy to think that on April 3rd I’ll be turning 20 and my best friend Megan will be turning 21 on the 22 of April! It is insane, because we’ve known each other since we were 8/9. It’s always funny because I always tell her I can be the same age as her for 2 weeks!
I just can’t believe it, where did my life go? How did it go so fast? Can I make it slow down, I know I wanted to grow up and all that, but it seems a little *too quick*.
It’s amazing how things can change, and how I still remember life before everyone moved out and went to college.

Lets see:
I’m turning 20 I live with my boyfriend and 4 cats (along with 2 dogs 4 other cats and 3 other people)
My best friend is turning 21 and lives in NC going to college there, and doing things she’s never been known for (ie: taking more risks and being more outgoing).
Jenni, she’ll be 20 in July and she’s going to get married soon she’ll be having a baby in September.
A girl I used to be friends with in 6th grade is now married and will be having a baby as well.
A few of the girls I went to school with already have kids, and some are already married.
OMG it’s just surreal, I mean if I’m going through this revelation will what will I be going through when I turn 30, or 40……I’ll let you know. Who Knows if I’ll still be blogging by then….but hopefully things will have changed more.


Whoa… did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that.

You should come back tomorrow and try again!