Tap tap drum drum….

I’m sitting at the library right now. Todd’s at a drum lesson! I just talked with my grandma about the 2 cars I’m looking at buying and hopefully my grandpa will like them because I’m borrowing the money from them. I really need a new car. I can afford the insurance so that’s good. It’s only minimum and my grandparents want me to have more coverage because of the “illegals” out here who don’t have insurance and do hit and runs. But it’s all I can afford right now, though I did turn in my application in at Jack so hopefully I’ll get a job, but like I’ve said before it must be at least the amount I’ve made at all my other jobs. Opps just missed their call…got a message.

Well Must call them back, I’ll post more later.


2 Responses to “Tap tap drum drum….”

  1. steff:) Says:

    well. My guild is fine, but you know when you are so happy chatting with people, you feel all fine. then when the problem happens again, you end up crying. Thats why i need to just face it directly. At least my guild is really supportive of me for this time now..

  2. danniegurl4388 Says:

    What is the problem?? Though, that’s what I’m not getting. lol. Unless you’re doing it intentionally?

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