What a Hairy Situation!

Sooo I had a fun day. I woke up around 7am had a final @ 7:30am and got a 64% on it (D) then I went to my friend’s work because she needed a model (she’s a hair stylist) for a class she needs to take to get more pay. So I got my hair done really blond highlights. It’s really pretty. When we were done I went over to the mall to go to JC Penny’s (Department store) only my car didn’t make it. It died….it ran out of gas!!!! I think I’ve got a gauge that doesn’t work well. So I had to call me friend because she went home and I was going to meet her, to come and bring me gas!! *sigh* Well we ended up getting gas, and I went to her house and she cut my hair really short. If you know who Alexz Johnson is (she her myspace page) I got my hair cut like hers. It’s really pretty.

I’ve also up loaded pictures of my new cut on my, myspace page. I really feel fat though as now my face is really round and it’s been like that for a bit not just because of the hair cut. I just need to loose weight. I also need to find a job! AH! I really don’t want to get a job.


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