Alrighty So yesterday was my first day of work! Now remember I haven’t worked in over a year!!! EPPPP! But I seemed to manage through the 4 hour orientation! Yippee. It consisted of all the things that most stores that have orientations which are equipped with VIDEOS!!! But this was pretty cool because they had candy, chips and soda while we were there. I think I’m going to have fun there as well because they have a lot of incentives to do well and it’s very easy to move up in the ladder! It also doesn’t hurt that I found out instead of getting $8.50/hr I should be getting more then that because I’m a Specialist and not a Team Member. How much more? I forgot to ask before I left. So when I go to work on Tuesday I’ll find out. I think I’m working about 58 hours this week minus some 1/2 hour lunches.

Lets see my best friend moved into the SAME apartment complex as my mom…you know the one who I don’t see or talk to that often!! Yep and did I mention that in my best friends kitchen if you knocked down the wall you’d be in my mom’s apartment….*nods* yeppers!!! How nifty is that. But still I’ll probably go over there more (to my bff’s) now that she lives closer. I like her place it fits them but they only signed a 6 month lease and I’m hoping that they’ll stay longer…I mean it is going to be hard for them to move once the baby is born!! I’m so excited!! Sometimes I think I’m more excited then Jenni…who knows though. I spent all day over there actually I went there after orientation went home ran some errands and then went back over there around 10pm and just got home now (3:02am).

I’m actually a bit tired. So if I don’t make any sense on some things that’s why.

I’m supposed to go to my grandma’s house tomorrow for a get-together for my mom’s 44th b-day….I’ll probably go…I’m just tired and I like to sleep in…a lot.

I also need to do laundry, and clean our side of the house. It’s driving me nuts.

It’s just so messy! sooner or later I’ll have to clean it.

I think that might be what I’m going to do. But I’ll see how I feel in the A.M.

Good Night.


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