This was posted on Avatar Log! Please pass around to inform everyone. And if you DO come across a shop doing it PLEASE report!!

Quick Scam Warning on buyable UBs!: I’ve seen a few instances of
this recently, so just thought I would post up a warning. Lately there
have been people posting on the Neoboards that they have a buyable UB
in their shop. When you go, it looks like it is a paintbrush
for 99k, but you’d actually be buying a pile of dung — the shop owner
has used HTML to filter out the picture of the dung and put an image of
a paint brush on top instead 😦

So, do be careful and look carefully at the “Are you sure you want to
buy a ______” pop up box if someone says they have a cheap UB in their
shop. Hopefully TNT will update their filters soon so that this sort of
HTML replacement can’t be done.


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