Ahhhh Home Sweet Home!!

I got home sometime this morning. I was supposed to be home the night before so let me tell you I wasn’t a happy camper last night. So here is what happened. I got to the Buffalo Airport at around 3pm my flight wasn’t until 5:50pm, but you’re supposed to go there early. So then I got to the check in counter and the lady behind told me my flight was delayed and I might miss my connection to Phoenix. She asked me if I wanted to change my flight until the next morning, I said no because we still didn’t know if I’d definately miss my flight. So I’d said I’d play it by ear. So I declined. I went to my gate and found out how delayed the flight was it wasn’t going to be there until 6:50pm but I wouldn’t land until an hour later then scheduled and my connection was going to still be there I had a window of time about 1/2 hour. I called the airline while waiting to see if there was anything I could do….they checked my ticket and told me someone changed it to the morning…which like I said I never agreed to. I told the lady on the phone, who was no help at all, to change it back but I don’t think it got done. There was nothing she could do. I checked with the ladies at the counter and asked them about my following flight in Newark to Phoenix, they said that it too was delayed and shouldn’t be taking off before 9pm. So my flight boarded and I got on sat in my seat we asked about our connections (others on the plane had connections to get to as well) they said that they couldn’t answer questions now and if we wanted to get off the plane we were able to now only this time, but she said a majority of us should be able to make our connections….well I shouldn’t have listened to her because this plane landed at 9:15pm and the other one took off at 9:03pm. And I found out that now one changed my flight back to the original so I wasn’t even on their itinerary so they probably couldn’t see me on their list as on their flight otherwise perhaps they would have waited. Continental would not put me up in a hotel even though I do believe it is 110% their fault. They should have never told us that we would still make it. So I had to sleep in a freaky airport with nothing really open, no toothpaste or toothbrush and no bed. The chairs in the terminal sucked so I barely got any sleep. Stupid thing is, they didn’t have any more direct connections to Phoenix so I had to fly back UP and go to Cleveland to get to Phoenix. We are definantly not flighing for a very very long time. When we go in X-mas we’re taking the train! It was a lot less stressful and you can’t really miss the train.

I’ll tell you guys about my trip later, I still have the “I’m on a boat/airplane/train” motion going on and I haven’t had very much sleep.



2 Responses to “Ahhhh Home Sweet Home!!”

  1. steff:) Says:

    hey dannie, nice to have you back! your blog was really quiet, so kinda miss you hahahaha.
    anyways, sorry to hear about the bad time you had just to come home.. well maybe you should write a letter of complaint for the lack of good quality customer service?

  2. danniegurl4388 Says:

    Nah won’t do me much good. They still got their money. Why would they care. Apparently one of my Grandma’s friends flew through Newark and on the same airlines and had the same problem….so you can imagine that they prolly just don’t care.

    I just won’t fund them and I won’t recommend them to others.

    Simple. I’ll take the train for X-mas!

    BTW my pictures are now up on Myspace!

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