OMG The Bank Has Changed!!

I just went to the bank to collect my interest and it’s changed!!! I can’t believe it. I like it a bit…but I don’t know if I like it completely. It seems like it is better and easier to read…….

This is part of the page:

The National Neopian Bank

Since any Neopoints you carry with you can be stolen by rabid Mutant Kadoaties or squandered away during a moment of weakness at Kauvara’s Magic Shop, the National Neopian is here to keep those hard-earned Neopoints safe! You can deposit or withdraw whenever you wish! You can also earn interest on Neopoints you save, so saving is definitely a good thing.

Good morning, madam.
It’s great to see you again. What can I do for you today?

Account Type: Millionaire Platinum
Current Balance:
Interest Rate: 10.5% per year
Yearly Interest:

One Response to “OMG The Bank Has Changed!!”

  1. qbureau Says:

    Why were people whining so much? It looks really neat and they didn’t change how it works. I do wish the skeith didn’t look like he was sneaking off with all my money, but hey 😛

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