*Must not Fall Asleep*

Why I don’t know. Just feel like it. It’s 3:41am and I’ve been up since 7:30am with no sleep. Last night I went to bed at 2am. Then I woke up at 2:42am due to a Thunder Storm, then I woke up at 4:45/4:50am due to Todd coming home and I heard him pull in the driveway, then I woke up again around 6 or 6:30am and finally had to actually get up at 7:30am. But it was cool since Todd surprised me with Mac-Ds for breakfast. MMMM I absolutly love the sausage egg macmuffin yummy. But he also got me Pancacks and I took those to work. They were awesome!! I’m off tomorrow so that’s good I’m going to sleep in. Today I hung out with Fernando we went to Walmart I borrowed $17 from him because. there was this aquarium stand on sale for $17 but regularly $69.64! AWESOME DEAL!!!! It’s a nice one too. So that’s cool. Then we went to Wendy’s to get some food we went back to his place and ate our food. Then we surfed the net and were looking up funny things on youtube. We watched Gorege Lopez, Family Guy, The Big Lebowski, Conan O’Brien all clips. Then we flipped on Rush Hour 3 because I hadn’t seen it and he had Tivo’d it. I liked the movie it had it’s funny parts though I still think Rush Hour 2 is by far the best.

So Tomorrow we have to clean the office. Clean off my desk, clean off the coffee table, clean the fish tank, move the fish tank, build the fish tank stand, clean the kitty litter boxes, put new litter in, put laundry away, clean up bathroom. Gah the list never ends. I also need to take a shower. I’m so tired I don’t want to take a shower now so I guess I’ll have to postpone it until tomorrow. The only reason I want to shower and can put it off is because it’s been very humid and sticky out so it makes me feel gross. I feel dirty.

My phone still doesn’t work and this dude hasn’t gotten back to me about the travel charger!! Gah I want to know so hopefully he’ll call me tomorrow.

Funny thing, yesterday I was at my grandma’s house and I decided to check my blog to see is Animalluvr (name shortened) had replied to me or made a blog, well I saw when I started typing the address that it was already there as current history (is that an oxmoron) well it happend to be the post titled at the library where I’m talking about wanting to have a baby…..well my thoughts are why does my grandma have my posts, its not like she goes around looking for things like this blog…so I got to thinking how did she find it. I mean the address that popped up wasn’t just danniegurl4388.wordpress.com it was something like danniegurl4388.wordpress.com/at-the-library so it’s kind of easy to say she didn’t type it in herself. So my thoughts tell me my mom brought that particular post to her attention….which to me is kind of messed up on the flip side I post for anyone to read so no big deal. I do want to address this, in my post about wanting a baby I also stated I wasn’t finincially capable of providing for a child in all aspects of life. I believe that a child should not have to worry about money problems. I do think a child should learn about money. So I took a stand in saying this is what I want, and I know I can’t have it at this point in my life because of this, this this, and that. I made an informed and adult and mature decision. And if you MOM can’t respect that, that’s too bad. Because I know what I want. I just am not sure how to achieve it yet. My ultimate goal is to be a mother, and have my OWN family. One that will love me for me and my flaws. So mom or gran if you’re reading this, please go back to that post and re-read what I wrote and don’t tell me that I said I could have a baby now, at this time in my life! No. You won’t find it. It’s never been there. So mom please before sending things to gran make sure you know what your sending, in that it wasn’t anything negative but you were trying to find something negative out of it.



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