New Collection Item!!!

Hey guys! I’ve decided to start collectiong Purple Scallop Shell. Why? Just because it’s cheap and for the fun of it I want to see how many Purple Scallop Shells I can get. So my first goal is 1,000 of them. They’ll sit in my SDB but I will post how many I have. 😀 I’ve put them on my wish list here and on my petpage.

Purple Scallop Shell approx cost 1np.
I’m collecting multiples of this item.

So this is what I’m collecting I think they cost around 1np. You can get the by going to the council chamber, money tree, trades, auctions, and shops. 😀

So if anyone has them please let me know! Send them over do whatever!


One Response to “New Collection Item!!!”

  1. steff:) Says:

    hey how many have you collected already?

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