Dannie Wants

Dannie wants one of those lab ray keeper-tracker things.
Like Julie has on Yas…..

Hmmm where to go what to ‘search’ under…..

What to google.

I have tomorrow off from work.

I should be able to be on a lot tomorrow unless I’m consumed with the urge to clean…which I could very well be.

But don’t hold your breath. I do however, have to do some laundry as well. One of the cats peed on Todd’s work clothes and so I must wash them other wise he’ll either put too much soap in, not enough use hot water instead of cold ( i mean we live in the desert and well our cold water is HOT so why pay for it?). Then he’ll put it on the delicate wash instead of regular and once in the drier he’ll set it to minutes instead of the auto selection.

Must women do everything for men…..


why is it whenever I want a REALLY long middle and I press enter WP doesn’t recognize this when I posts, my post. I mean come on I put those many breaks in for a reason and yet it won’t give it to me.


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