Parental Advisory.

Wow so my life is really hard right now.
Todd and I are so far in debt and it’s a big black hole we can’t get out of.

I know we did it to our selves by doing what we did, but how else were we supposed to make ends meet.

I’m so over being broke and yet my whole bank account will crumble by tomorrow because of one of these stupid things. In order for this NOT to happen we need at least $1,200 to fix everything. We’d pay it back too. We asked Fernando and he said he’d do it however his money is in a 2 year CD Savings account and he didn’t know it. He just thought he was putting money into his mom’s savings account.

*sigh* I’m panicing and I don’t know what to do. We’ve been working our asses off and nothing is working. Todd’s working more then 40 hours and I’m getting 26.5 at times. And it still isn’t enough. We’ve got more outcome then income and we can’t get out of it until April…if that even happeneds at this point.

I’m back to being depressed like I was before I met Todd and it sucks because I hate being like this, but I just see gloom up ahead. I can’t think of anything we can do. Todd was talking Debt Consolidation but I don’t think it’ll work (I also brought it up). Because I read on the credit reports that it’s not something you want to do. So…now we’re back to square 1, where do we get $1,200 from?

I’m sad, angry, upset, defeated, lazy, don’t care, giving up, and I don’t know what to do.

How are we supposed to pay for our living when we can’t pay for everything?

We used to be able to do so.

Now not so much. Todd’s drum lessons fell through so now he’s down to 2 students, that isn’t good.

I’m freaking out because I know if this happeneds we won’t be able to pay my insurance, the phones, the bills, the following rent, buy food, buy the things we need and save money for a new place.



2 Responses to “Parental Advisory.”

  1. steff:) Says:

    Wow. I really don’t know what to say to help you or to advise you and I am like half way round the world.
    I seriously hope that you and Todd will get out of this predicament soon. I know you aren’t really into religion, but you will be in my prayers.
    Stay strong okay? I am sure your boyfriend needs your support too, so be strong =)
    Maybe go for some sort of debt association or something? I am not really sure what they are called, but I think just give it a shot.

  2. danniegurl4388 Says:

    Yea I looked into those and they aren’t something I’d want to get into really.

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