Do Not go to this! It is a Scam!

[pollen10010500g] hannh
» Make this user your Neofriend
Sent: 7/8/2008 12:50pm
Folder: Inbox
Subject: Heya

out the fastest growing neopets ch[ea]t community. We have absolutely
free neopets pro[gra]ms, ch[ea]ts, h[ac]ks, and much more! Go to [REMOVED FOR USER SAFETY] for more information and join today!

4 Responses to “Do Not go to this! It is a Scam!”

  1. qbureau Says:

    Ooh, maybe there’s secret code contained within the message!
    [gra] [ea] [ac]
    …something about next year’s Altador Cup?

    Honestly, what is wrong with people -.-

  2. steff:) Says:

    Tell me about it.
    We need to tell the younger users ESPECIALLY not to fall for such scams!!

    Hmm coded messages?
    Must be from the return of dr sloth plot ….

  3. danniegurl4388 Says:

    They were using the brackets to get through the filter.

  4. Hamstar_6 Says:

    Secret codes? Don’t fall for those scams. They just steal your account. I never recieved an e-mail like that.

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