Not bad it’s close to what I wanted!

Lot No. 128,191,472

The last bid placed was for 6,600,000 NP.
The minimum increment value for this item is 100,000 NP.

Time Left in Auction : Closed

Krawk Transmogrification Potion (owned by danniegurl4388)
Eurgh this vile looking concoction cant be any good for your Neopet!

Bidder Amount When?
tradeharbor 6,600,000 NP 7/8/2008 06:14pm
sav550 6,500,000 NP 7/8/2008 05:42pm
aisha_trainer23 6,400,000 NP 7/8/2008 05:24pm
ahpbrto 6,300,000 NP 7/8/2008 05:15pm
mogmog_master 6,200,000 NP 7/8/2008 04:40pm

This auction is closed, you cannot place any more bids!


4 Responses to “Not bad it’s close to what I wanted!”

  1. qbureau Says:

    Whoa, they’re going for that much now? Awesome Dannie, congrats! Dr. Sloth loves you XDDDDDDDD

    I was going to see if you were going to use it, but that many np is definitely the better choice! I see a couple in auctions now that are priced higher and aren’t selling, I think you did get really really close to the going rate!

  2. danniegurl4388 Says:

    Thanks Fran. I tried and I started the price @ 6.1M with 100K increments. No one would buy it for 7M. And someone told me they wouldn’t bid when it was 6.4M because they’ve seen it lower. HAH *eye rolls* Seriously obv. someone did bid for it.

  3. steff:) Says:

    Congrats!! *envies you*

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