HC Lurkiness!

Alright so this post is about the report happies on the HC who report grandfathered names. My point would be they don’t need to be reported since they will most likely NEVER get frozen!

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Candy is spiffy
1 Month

Active Neopet
Posted: 18 Aug 2008 – 1:41 pm [Report this message]
Especially people who report grandfathered names…and i the only one who feels this way? I think they should just mind their own business!

altachucks are fun…sell or buy

That was the original poster ^ now here are some answers that follow:


Sorry, I don’t exist!
98 Months

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Posted: 18 Aug 2008 – 1:42 pm [Report this message]
I’m not mean… Grandfathered names: like mine.


Yes, those people bother me.

I’m sarcaustic.

Yep hows that one!


*maniacal laughter*
21 Months

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Posted: 18 Aug 2008 – 1:43 pm [Report this message]
If they’re grandfathered, you shouldn’t care.

If they’re against the current rules, and the person who you are insulting does not know that they are grandfathered, they’re doing the right thing.

“What is this, CSI: Neopia?”

I just don’t see how!



Destroyer of the Good
9 Months

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Posted: 18 Aug 2008 – 1:43 pm [Report this message]

sorry but rules are rules,

u know what i hate? ppl who moan about other ppl who report ppl for breaking the rules and call them report happies and sorry if we see something that shouldn’t be here, we will not mind our own business, deal with it

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Posted: 18 Aug 2008 – 1:44 pm [Report this message]
Oh, grandfather names, Ummm yes I hate report happies but if its inappropriate then it needs to be reported. By the way I THINK your spamming.

No it doesn’t because it isn’t inappropriate


Sorry, I don’t exist!
98 Months

Active Neopet
Posted: 18 Aug 2008 – 1:48 pm [Report this message]
I’m not mean… A name that appears to have broken a rule should be reported. Perhaps this “report happy” (who is most likely nothing of the kind) did not know about grandfathering.
It really doesn’t matter anyway. I’m informed several times a day that I’ve been reported for my name… and I’m still here. Whoda thunk it.

You’d think they’d figure out that if I’ve been around eight years, it’s okay.

I’m sarcaustic.

I do agree with the jesus chick it doesn’t matter if you report nothings going to happen.


The dumb only seem to get dumber…
4 Months

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Posted: 18 Aug 2008 – 1:53 pm [Report this message]
╬₪ ŵĕşŧεřŋ §ķïęś ₪╬

I think people are too easily offended. I mean, I understand names that are after body parts or really nasty words, but a name like jesusrocks or buddharocks shouldn’t offend anyone. People are just way too touchy these days.

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Agrees! ^


29 Months

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Posted: 18 Aug 2008 – 1:54 pm [Report this message]
Yeah, now there’s one ‘grandfathered’ account I know that the name is inappropriate and has a word in it that I think kids don’t even need to know. I reported her and TNT didn’t do anything. Whatever. ═════Kaleena═════

And that’s because it is grandfathered in! Hmmm Surprise surprise!

Yep and so you see it goes on and on I ignored the boring and rather pointless posts! 😀


4 Responses to “HC Lurkiness!”

  1. qbureau Says:

    Gotta love it when people make up their own rules and think TNT should follow them XD Oh, or expect that just because they file a report TNT will automatically freeze someone, heh heh.

  2. danniegurl4388 Says:

    I know stupid isn’t it? I think TNT should freeze those people.
    And the people stupid enough to post on a spam board!

    I shall prolly be making some more amusing HC Board posts because people in my guild (Krista) have been quite annoyed with the amount of people answering Spam and flamming people with actual questions!

  3. qbureau Says:

    Freeze people for being stupid XD

    You’re braver than I, I can’t even bear the charter boards anymore and they’re very pleasant in comparison!

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