Partially Updated.

I have partially updated Purple_Camo_Gurl’s pet page with my wish list on it. Obviously I have not updated it anywhere else like here for example. So if you’d like to know what else I’m going at for my purple gallery then go check it out. 😀

So I’ve got some items that I think I’m going to be selling soon as I don’t really play games to make money anymore. It’s just too time consuming and I don’t have all day to play like I did before. I wish Neo would invent away to make more neopoints in a fast manner.

I also wish I could get the hang of Plushie Tycoon, because I can never seem to figure it out and I would love to get that trophy.

But that’ll happen once school is over.

I’m debating on whether or not going back to school in the Spring Semester because I’m going to be having a lot of things going on in April that could affect my grades and performance in school. I’ll be turning 21 in April, I’ll be going to Vegas for my B-day with my Dad, and I’ll be moving at the end of April. So I’m not sure if it’s the right thing to do. I’m thinking about it more and I guess I’ll talk it over with my dad. He’s paying for my college but I want to make sure I can devote the time needed for it. For example right now I’m working a lot and I’m not sure I can manage it. We’ll see with this coming pay check how much I’ve been working. Because the last one was supposed to be the low one since I missed work for 4 days because I was sick. This one was actually more than we thought it would be, because they short changed me on my last check, which I didn’t notice because I’m not sure how to notice. Anyways I’m very concerned with working 34 hours and going to school for 15 credit hours, (College full time is considared at 12 credits) so I just want to do my best. The very best I can and actually learn the things I’m being taught because I’ve gone through school so long without really caring what I learn and just doing things to get by. I really want to succeed in this and I’m hoping I can do so.

Anyways go check out my pet page!


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