Glow glow

The ray is fired at DgurlFdawg

… and he changes colour to Glowing!!


5 Responses to “Glow glow”

  1. julle1980 Says:

    *ish jealous*

  2. danniegurl4388 Says:

    Really? you like glowing?

  3. Hamstar_6 Says:

    Cool, now your Uni can see better in the dark!!

    Working on a NEW blog at WordPress, because I didn’t like my old one:

  4. danniegurl4388 Says:


    If you need me to help you with the layout and such I can do that.
    I’ve helped one of my friends do it and ( I had to log into her account [wp account] but I did get it set up for her. So lemme know you can e-mail me 😀 It’s under my name in the comments tab of the comments I left you 😀 )

  5. hamstar6 Says:

    I would love you to help!(Since I don’t know alot about them.) I’ll e-mail you as soon as I can! Thanks-you.

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