Ah Oh! Hope it’s not another fiasco!

NOTICE: Neopets will have a new login page starting Thursday Oct 2nd.

That was taken from the news page today!!

*sigh* I hope this isn’t going to be an other major layout change where they say they’re going to fix something or make it better and wipe out what we knew as Neo…..

Crossing fingers this doesn’t happen and that I like it.

On another note I’m going to be getting a lap top!!!!!! I’m so excited. My boyfriend’s sister is giving her’s to me!!! Eppp I’m very very excited.

Ok time for a little nap!


4 Responses to “Ah Oh! Hope it’s not another fiasco!”

  1. hamstar6 Says:

    I think by the end of this year, Viacom will be cham=nging Neopets to NeoStudios. I wish they would just keep Neopets that way…

  2. steff:) Says:

    Congrats on the new laptop =)
    Anyways, sighs… I hope viacom knows what they are doing to the site that many grew up playing with.

  3. danniegurl4388 Says:

    They aren’t changing it to neostudios it was addressed in the NT editorial.

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