Popcorn Found!!

Something Has Happened!
You are now eligible to use ‘Pink!‘ as an avatar on the NeoBoards!

9 Responses to “Popcorn Found!!”

  1. julle1980 Says:

    awesome!!! congrats 😀

    *will be getting IQ avvie in just a few days…*

  2. steff:) Says:

    *envies your pink pet*
    Oh yeah, your pet was notable in lablog too =) for a while. Gone back to check it but it kinda refreshed x.x

    Erm Julie, what is IQ avvie?

  3. danniegurl4388 Says:

    Yes what is the IQ Avie?

    HAHA Awesome must of been my pink one. If you re-refresh it will show the ones you saw before in about 2 refreshes.

  4. steff:) Says:

    hmmm IQ avvie…

    We don’t have any avvies that are related to reading right?

  5. danniegurl4388 Says:

    Nope I don’t think so.

  6. Hamstar_6 Says:

    I don’t think there is any IQ Avvie that I know of. Let me check.

  7. julle1980 Says:

    lol, IQ is Island Quiggle XD

  8. danniegurl4388 Says:


  9. hamstar_6 Says:


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