Petpet Park Mission Prizes!!

Petpet Protection League Prize Awarding

Dr. Rigby

Congratulations! We have a reward for you in thanks for helping us rescue those Petpets.

You have received the new Petpet Protection League site theme!

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0 You are now eligible to use the ‘Petpet Protection League‘ theme when browsing the Neopets.com website! Check out your User Preferences to change your theme.

You also receive 45,000 NP!

Dr. Rigby

And once Petpet Park opens, we’ll have another prize for you—a special item that your Petpet will be able to wear! Isn’t that exciting? Come back to claim this extra prize once Petpet Park is open!

Can collect from here

What is your Favorite Color??

Take this poll and tell me what your favorite color is! [Just testing it out]


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A Ghost grins evilly and steals 80 Neopoints from you…



You Win 202 Neopoints

plus the following items…

life as we know it.

So I think I’m going to be blogging a lot more about general stuff and not just neopets because this is kind of my outlet for the stuff in my life or my day to day junk that no on would really care about! HAHA! Anyways So I went to school today but only for English I skipped Spanish and Math. There was no reason for it really except I just didn’t want to go and sit in the class. But I’ll be going Tuesday! I’m thinking of going into being a teacher. I think I might like to teach Kindergarder or First grade, but I’m not sure yet as my patients level isn’t that low yet and so I’d have to keep myself in check…so I think I’m just going to go and get my liberal arts degree first and then build on that so if I want to be a teacher I can be a teacher even with that.

Alrighty And another!

Ok so I just found out one of my friends whom I also babysit for is pregant with #3 so that brings the total of friends expecting or with kids to and people i know:

Jenni: 1
Rachel: expecting #2 herself
Kristina: Expecting #2
Adrianne: 1
Allison: Expecting #2
Chick I babysit for expecting # 2
Girl I work with expecting
My doctor is expecting #?
Connie 1
The only one left out of my friends is Megan….and I think I’ll be before her….Nuts!

Have updated more on Lab Log!

The ray is fired at DgurlFdawg

… and she gains 2 movement points!!!!