Wow wee–

I’ve been extremely busy! Well with what? I’m not sure! HAHA!

Todd bought his computer parts yesterday and we dropped like $450 on it but it’s a hell of a lot cheaper then buying a computer system and can go up to 8 GIGS of memory! Crazy huh?!?! Well it’s so cheap (hahah) that we’re going to do it for me later down the road! I’d love to have a computer system I could actually playing KQ on and be good at it.

I have to babysit tonight, and Todd’s bringing me home some Taco Bell! Yummy.

I’m so hungry…..

So it seems like our roommates are going to give us Kanga, because she doesn’t get along well with Sali, we’re thinking Sali doesn’t get along with females….which would explain the issues and rather then give her to someone outside the family we feel we’ll try her with us….so that brings our grand total up to 5 and theirs down to 3. 😀 Fun stuff. We’re going to get her cat condo and set her up in the corner of the room so she can get comfortable.

I’m a bit tired. Anyone else? Today the weather was awesome! Cool enough for us to open all the windows and there was *wait for it* *wait for it* A BREEZE! we don’t get those here! So it’s really nice I think our high was like 74. Oh Todd’s back with the food G2G.


You have a new quest!!!

The Darkness Faerie wants you to get her ‘Chia Clown Ball’!!

The Darkness Faerie says ‘Wow, thanks, you found my Chia Clown Ball!’

The Darkness Faerie laughs evilly and DgurlFdawg has more hit points!

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Boo wrong pet!