Ok so Todd is coming home today!! *does happy dance* I’m so excited.
So we talked for a good long time last night and he told me that he’s ready to move to the next step in our relationship….which since we’ve been dating for almost 4 years and already live together would logically be……??? Marriage. He said he’ll propose to me by the end of the year and that I won’t see it coming. I was totally thinking of him putting the ring on one of our cats collars or something but then I thought about Meet the Parents and how it’s been done (yes at the time I thought it was original) so Todd will most likely NOT do that. I’m trying not to ask him questions because I really want it to be romantic and a surprise. I’m just really bad at not knowing things. But I’m excited. And he said that after seeing his Brother’s daughter (our niece) he is on board to have a baby. Obviously it won’t be any time soon, because I’m in school and haven’t started my career, but it’s nice to know that if it does happen not intentionally that he’ll be ok about it and support me. I think Todd would make a great dad. I see him with our “kids” and he’s so gentle and sweet with them. He has a very hard time disciplining them. I just know if we have a little girl she’s going to have him wrapped around her tiny little pinky finger. Cuddles already has the effect on him, and she’s just an adorable cat who has the most innocent face that she could do no wrong. *See flickar for pictures*

I’m excited! OOO So WP has a new feature it’s a POLL!!!!!!!! Finally after a year I get a poll!
So I’m going to make a poll.
Oh poo it’s with their sister site and I’ll have to sign up, I guess I won’t do that until I’m home because of PW remember thing I use that in case I forget.