Ok does someone want to explain to me why WP has been doing this??????
It’s quite annoying! WP Staff, please look into this I think you need more server space or something!!


It’s happening more often.
I can’t upload the picture right now because the way the dashboard is. It’s as if almost all the HTML has disappeared and we’re looking at a root or site map.
That’s what the Dash board looked like.

Something has happened!
Grinch_Luver says ‘You will buy me lots of presents from the Grooming Parlour wont you?’

Wow she’s going to be frozen!

[jasminegeurens] Jazzy
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Sent: 29/11/2008 09:24pm
Folder: Inbox
Subject: Re: kq
You wrote: The player who is the Uni was at the door with one space left and all keys. U used your distraction potion on me. It could have ended there and then because of that.
jasminegeurens replied:

awesome i dont even know how to play the game couldnt give a shit

My thoughts though is how did she get around the filter??


Something has happened!
You find a Poogle Spaghetti on the floor!


I won this playing Key Quest!

I won this playing Key Quest!

I won this playing Key Quest.
My keys go from gold to bronze:
74 55 3 1

Awesome Eh? People though are complaining about it which I think is really stupid I mean these aren’t really expensive PBs. ๐Ÿ˜€

Which makes me think that I’m going to look up the price of a plushie PB (I forgot how much they cost) and make a new pet on my side if I’ve got enough Neopoints!

Btw I still need Purple Items so please contact me if you do!!

Please watch this video!!

Todd made this video for his grandma shirley who passed a week after his birthday!!

Neopets Birthday!

Today is neopet’s birthday, but it’s sad kinda because they don’t give us half as much as they used to. We used to get the birthday bags by finding them in REs. I’ve been on and off all day and refreshing and taking the long way to all of my dailies only to find that I got ONE re that really didn’t do anything but say something so it wasn’t worth me logging. And I haven’t been logging my labs because nothing exciting has happened there. I haven’t been blogging about neopets too much because none of my fellow bloggers with the exception to Julie and Hamstar are blogging about it at the mo, also schools about to end soon so I have a little more work to do then normal. I am also going on vacation to Buffalo again and I can’t wait but I have to make sure everything is in place with the kids and the bills before I leave. In the following schedule for work they gave me 4 days off that’s 1 more then I normally have and that can effect our rent….so I’m a bit worried.



You’ve found it. You’ve found the treasure of the Lost City of Geraptiku. People you’ve met once will now be writing to you asking to borrow Neopoints. It’s every Neopian’s dream.

You search through the treasure and take back what you can carry.

I want a color change!

The ray is fired at DgurlFdawg

… and he gains 2 strength points!!!!


Something has happened!
You find a mystical codestone on the floor!