Again!! Crazy and yes I did pick a diff spot!

You Won 1,000 Neopoints!

Aww I thought I got a really cool RE!

Something has happened!
Your Neopets stomach is rumbling…. I think they would like a Birthday Cupcake Tree! You better buy one for them 🙂

Cool Winning again!

You win 2000 Neopoints!!!!


You Won 1,000 Neopoints!

Cool Huh?


The ray is fired at DgurlFdawg

… and he changes colour to Yellow!!

Did I ever mention I’m a HUGE Eeyore Fan!? (Preferable Baby Eeyore)

Yep I love Baby Eeyore I used to have this really comfy PURPLE sweatshirt with Baby Eeyore on it.
Much like this picture here: I loved that sweat shirt and am on the look out for it still because if I see it again I’m going to snatch it up like it’s the last thing on earth! HAHA! I got the sweatshirt from hot topic.