Neopets Birthday!

Today is neopet’s birthday, but it’s sad kinda because they don’t give us half as much as they used to. We used to get the birthday bags by finding them in REs. I’ve been on and off all day and refreshing and taking the long way to all of my dailies only to find that I got ONE re that really didn’t do anything but say something so it wasn’t worth me logging. And I haven’t been logging my labs because nothing exciting has happened there. I haven’t been blogging about neopets too much because none of my fellow bloggers with the exception to Julie and Hamstar are blogging about it at the mo, also schools about to end soon so I have a little more work to do then normal. I am also going on vacation to Buffalo again and I can’t wait but I have to make sure everything is in place with the kids and the bills before I leave. In the following schedule for work they gave me 4 days off that’s 1 more then I normally have and that can effect our rent….so I’m a bit worried.