I won this playing Key Quest!

I won this playing Key Quest!

I won this playing Key Quest.
My keys go from gold to bronze:
74 55 3 1

Awesome Eh? People though are complaining about it which I think is really stupid I mean these aren’t really expensive PBs. 😀

Which makes me think that I’m going to look up the price of a plushie PB (I forgot how much they cost) and make a new pet on my side if I’ve got enough Neopoints!

Btw I still need Purple Items so please contact me if you do!!

3 Responses to “I WON A PB FROM KQ!!”

  1. hamstar_6 Says:

    Aye, it almost a game of luck!
    It took me almost 1.5 hours to beat another person at a time!
    She kept on using her rainbow fountain potion on me!

  2. ash Says:

    74 gold keys its taken wow. guess it really is a game of luck. i have so far used 30 gold keys and i am not dissapointed to be honest. it was my 25th gold key that got me snow paint brush (not as valueable as your ghost i dont think) but since then ive had mag codestone (red one) and just now my last game today i got a piece of a treasure map (the piece with the x marks the spot).

    its pure pot luck what you get. personally im happy if i just get codestones and neggs because come the next plot those values will sky rocket

  3. danniegurl4388 Says:

    I’ve been using my codestones to train my poogle.
    I have yet to get a red one, but since there is a new board I think I’m going to play more often now.

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