Key Quest List.

This is a link to my page of people to play with and people who’ve left a game whether it be from their computer dying, internet breaking, bad connection, leaving intentionally I don’t know. This is just a list complied by myself of the people I’ve played.
This page serves as a warning to people who don’t want to play quitters. But it does not mean that these people leave all the time.

Click here for list.

Speckled Negg!

I got  a speckled Negg from KQ!!


Quest time!

You have a new quest!!!

The Fire Faerie wants you to get her ‘Pink Tiara’!!

The Fire Faerie says ‘Wow, thanks, you found my Pink Tiara!’

The Fire Faerie claps and Purple_Camo_Gurl has a stronger attack power!

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Yes the correct pet!!