Bringing the list up again.

I’m not as obsessed as I was before however it still bugs me.
So here again is a list of people I know who have kids who are my age who I personally know. And of people I know are pregnant.

So Jenni just had a baby in August of 08 is now pregnant with #2.
Allison a chick from school just had baby #2.
Kristina just had baby #2
Adrianne had a baby
Dr. Had a baby
Roommates sister is prego with #2.
Mary is prego with #3
Rachel just had #3
Girl @ work still prego
Other girl @ work bout to pop
Girl I went to school with just had a baby in December
Ashley had a baby
Chick I babysit for bout to have #2

Yea….*sigh* Oh well I hopefully won’t let this eat me up again.