I have to *poof* for a bit

I haven’t been doing neo as often. It’ s just not as fun anymore, until they bring me something interesting. Also I’m moving, so I’m packing, and for a week I won’t have electric, and possibly before that I won’t have internet since my roommates are moving this weekend. 😦 Computer = Life HAHAH *sigh* So I’ve been sick for a little bit too, but I’m getting better, I’m very tired because of this as well and haven’t been able to sleep well.

Anyways I expect tons of comments-non spam comments- when I get back!

One Response to “I have to *poof* for a bit”

  1. steff:) Says:

    Hey Dannie!

    Thanks =) Well at least key quest and daily dare is keeping me entertained for a while =) Oh wells.

    Anyways, I’ve been training my main pet, so her hp is about 37-38 now. Finally hahahahahah. Codestones used to pay for her training is coming from keyquesting =).

    How are you recently?

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