Alrighty if you’ve been wondering where I’ve been then this will help you! On the 15th my roommates moved out and took their router with them for the internet. I then had to use my wireless card to find internet from a unsuspecting neighbor….I mean really they should be more careful. πŸ˜€ Anyways the internet is iffy. Well today my electric was shut off, again because my roommates moved out on the 15th thinking we were moving that weekend also…which we never confirmed to them. So the electric was shut off today and that’s why I haven’t been actively blogging on neo or anything like that.


I move the 31st we’re hoping to have cable and internet turned on by then, but we aren’t sure the funding will be there. My 21st birthday is then that friday!!!!!!!!!

APRIL 3rd only like 10 days away!!

2 Responses to “Update!”

  1. qbureau Says:

    Ohhh I’d been wondering if you quit! Turns out you’re just growing up, which is never a good thing. I say avoid it at all costs, I do πŸ˜› Neo does need a new plot or something to liven things up, for sure. This gaming activity of keyquest and daily dare has its limits for entertainment.

    Pssst! My blog is now purple too! πŸ™‚

  2. danniegurl4388 Says:

    Oh No I hope I didn’t miss out on the purple blog!!!

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