You just won a spot on my blog!!

So apparently Purple_Camo_Gurl got notable neopet today.
And someone decided to neomail me with this:

[koi_fisher] Kt
» Make this user your Neofriend
Sent: 18/9/2009 07:15pm
Folder: Inbox
Subject: your poogle

You know, if I was your poogle I would be so embarrassed.

Purple camo gurl? seriously, think about your pets. dont name them stupid things. what, is your name funky pink polka dots?

So I replied to them that what do they do sit around refreshing the main page looking at what people name their pets? And neomail them harassing them about it?  Honestly Get a Life.

Like really, are you that jealous of my pixel pets? I is just so dumb.

But on a high note I did get some people who said awesome job with getting notable! 😀

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