NT Editorial Question

TNT Please help me, I MUST get an answer to this question for fear of the meepits sitting behind me!! In August you released several new colors for the Vaeolus, however we are still unable to paint them. Why can’t I paint my new Vaeolus Purple with the new purple petpet pb I bought? I’ve been waiting 2 whole months pretty please can we get the new colors fix, I don’t want to be eaten by the meepits!!

About the Vaeolus colors that were released but that you still can’t paint them.

5 Responses to “NT Editorial Question”

  1. lily (hamstar) Says:

    sorry i havent been on soooooo long!!! been so busy so im starting a new blog………………………..

    wait for it………..



  2. lily Says:

    why arent you posting much lately????

  3. Lily Says:

    U hav used blogger before? But I guess with logger I can play with the layout Css &widgets abut more

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