92 people have helped with the sponsoring of the breast cancer on the side of my page!! That is AWESOME!!! Last time I logged in here it was at like 12! So THANK YOU everyone who comes to my page and watched that  video and helps with the Breast Cancer awareness!!

3 Responses to “WOW”

  1. Steffi Says:

    Hey Dannie ^^

    How have you been? Hope you managed to find a full time job while coping with your child ^^.

    I’m in my last year of studies now. Would graduate with a diploma next year and hoping to pursue my degree soon ^^. Still stuck with many assignments.

    Just realised your facebook account is totally private XD.

    • Steffi Says:

      Oops I forgot you’re due on 3rd Aug ><
      My bad!
      So hope you're coping well with your pregnancy ^^

  2. Dannie Says:

    Hey Steffi,

    I was actually due August 6th, I have to come on here and update, but I ended up having Lucas on Friday the 13th 😀 He is totally cute and looks like me. Feel free to re-request me on FB if you’d like to keep up more. I had to make it totally private due to some unforeseen issues.

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