Something has happened!
Congratulations, danniegurl4388, you just found 1000 Neopoints on the floor!!!

Calling FRAN calling FRAN!! (qbureau)

Hey, I see that you’ve logged back into neopets, however you aren’t taking neomail or neofriend requests, and sadly I’d love to get back into contact with you!! You used to blog all the time and now not so much!! Anyways just let me know whats going on. IDK if you will see this but maybe one of your friends will.


I’m Back…I think!

Hey everyone! I have re-logged into neopets again and I think I will be updating again with SHH, Dailies, and other happenings in my neo life. I am now going to be 25 in literally 2 days! I am older now, but I still enjoy neopets. I’ve been bored with the selection of games on my ipad, and via facebook so I have come back!! 🙂

My son who is 2.5 is really enjoying watching me play some of the neo games so I’ve gotten back into playing!!

Anyways anyone who has purple items, lmk I am in search of them, but please check my gallery before doing so!