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Hey I’m Back

I’m not sure many of you are still on here, or look to blogs about certain sites. But for those of you who do or were wondering where I disappeared to I’m here! I’ve always been here I just don’t like having to update all the time.

What have I been doing since my last post? Well mainly reading and playing on Marapets. I’ve pretty much quit neo since Jumpstart bought it and hasn’t done anything fun for it. I’m bored of Neopets, I’m bored of the censorship, though I understand it. Still, it’ll always remain fond in my heart. But now I’ve moved full time to Marapets.

I know I posted about it before, and why I like it but more has changed since my last update.

Marapets has a primarily adult fan base. Most of the users are around my age with some older or younger of course. Marapets has so much more to offer than Neopets ever did.


Things you can do:

Pet collections, which gain you rewards. Each pet can collect the items and you often get high price rewards or items. Basically depending on how many pets you have you can do all the collection rewards for them, but beware it’s costly.

User collections, on top of the pet collections each profile can collect these rewards once. You can only have one profile as well. But what I like about these is it’s great for long term players. Theres rewards for how old your account is, rewards for how often you’ve logged in, wardrobe collections, stamp collections, plushies, and a bunch of other things.

What else is there to do? Work on quests, missions, avies and temples. Pets can hold jobs, and earn MP through them.

You can join club similar to the guilds of neo.

But I love mara because of the people, you can chat in forums, just be sure to follow the rules, you can also chat in Maratalk, but it cost 100K mp to do so. Making MP here though isn’t too horribly difficult and the economy is decent. Where items actually cost more from user shops (usually, right now we are recovering from a crash in February) than from the shops themselves, which I like. Because that’s the way it should be.

Ian, the own of Marapets, is on often and improving a lot of things. Old art is being updated, new features are being added at least weekly, though Ian should take a day off. The crash we had pushed back what he was working on to like 2+months so he’s not rolling out some of the new features.

In mara you can chat about real things, have discussions about real life, link to photos and outside links. It just has to be PG-13 which is fine.


Anyways the point is, I won’t be doing much updating on Neopets, but I will be updating about Marapets.


My username on marapets is Danniegurl.