Yep I did! Awesome, now which pet?

[fandango848] Rin
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Sent: 6/9/2008 01:23pm
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Subject: Re: hi
You wrote: Also how come you’re randomly neomailing me? did I get the notable neopet or something?
fandango848 replied:

Yes you did

Do Not go to this! It is a Scam!

[pollen10010500g] hannh
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Sent: 7/8/2008 12:50pm
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Subject: Heya

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Alright! w00t someone likes me! Erm…my blog!

[23animalluver23] Chocolate the Chocolate Eater!
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Sent: 19/7/2008 12:50pm
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Subject: Hello!

Nice blog and aw I wish your Blumaroo stayed Sponge!! SPONGEH XD
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OOOO Shiney AND bright looks like shrimp though

Whoa… did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that.

You should come back tomorrow and try again!

Alright Glitches!

[theneopetsteam] The Neopets Staff
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Sent: 25/6/2008 10:43am
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Subject: Congratulations!

Greetings danniegurl4388!

Over the past couple of months, you purchased a Neopets Trading Card Fun Pak (either 2 pack or 4 pack) from Target and redeemed your code at You received a virtual item. With this purchase, you also should have received FREE Neopoints, however there was a glitch in our system. This is why we are now awarding you 1,500 Neopoints! Your Neopoints balance has been updated. We apologize for any confusion.

The Neopets Team

*sigh* HERE I GO AGAIN!!!

[firewall231] Harry
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Sent: 2/6/2008 01:30pm
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Subject: Can you help me?

i am new and was woundering if you could please give me a good item to get started. Thanks.

Here is my reply:

Congrats on being new.
No I can not give you items to get you started, that’s what your newbie pack is for.
You can/will get reported for asking/begging for items. It is against the rules which you should have read upon signing up.
Everyone will give you the same answer unless they’re trying to scam you or get you frozen.
But you can not beg for items, you have to earn it yourself like EVERYONE else.
It isn’t that hard. Go play the games around the site to make neopoints, open a bank account and save the neopoints until you can afford to buy the items you want.


Have a nice Day!

Begging will get you nothing!

[bgscarface] Emo
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Sent: 14/5/2008 05:20am
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Subject: Help!

Can you help my neopets lab ray fund? I will adopt neopets and paint them and put them back in the pound… can you help?

No I will not give you NPS! I worked on getting it myself and so can you.

Why do people always think that others are going to GIVE them neopoints?

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