Unconverted Pets! Please take the time to look at these!

Bringing back unconverted pets

Want to get rid of YOUR Junk?

Then I suggest you check out these petpages they have a list of people who are collecting particular items. I do suggest checking to see if the person you’re going to send it to has been on neo in a while otherwise it’ll send you back the item. One of the pages isn’t being updated and I’m not sure about the other but I’d neomail the one who doesn’t specify if you’re somone who wants to get on the list because you collect junk items (1np or less).

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Aprils Mass Collecion List

Random Guide Sorta

Alright my random guide is back!

This is a Lab Ray guide!

Rainbow Fountain Flask Guide.

Shapeshifter Guide

Click here for Shapeshifter Guide

This is a good guide to follow. I suggest writing down on a piece of paper what your original is and if you changed it what it would be to find out which to move next.

Guide to Underwater Fishing!

This guide is really helpful if you want to know the other things you can get from underwater fishing, it explains things in detail and tells you where to check prices for the rare items.

Have fun!