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Amazingly it still keeps the stripes even though the fruit was pureed. Half Tigersquash Jelly [Special – r101]
Yum, the eggy flavour of this omelette is enhanced by the meaty sausage and pepperoni. Sausage and Pepperoni Omelette [Special – r102]
Some deliciously addicting crackers. Ideal for pets with a need for savoury things! Neo Crackers
This unusual flavour is actually really tasty. Pear Jelly [Special – r101]
This omelette has bits of sausage in it. Sausage Omelette [Special – r104]
I wouldnt try to eat this if I were you. Rockfish [Special – r101]
Wheres the greater spotted fish? Lesser Spotted Fish [Special – r101]
With a bit of care and attention this box could be restored. Soggy Old Box [Special – r101]
Who throws away a shoe, honestly? Old Rotten Left Shoe [Special – r101]
Oh dear, they were a little skimpy with the gravy on this one... Mashed Potato With Gravy

The Wishlist of joseph_1117: i would like a mutant paint brush

I was Lent the ZDAP!!

So the user tr8 lent me the ZDAP for 800K and 400K 2 trades.
I’ve got my proof for me needing to be lent for other items that I will return!
He hasn’t added me to his page yet but he will. Petpage Click the link and it will take you to his page!!


See he said he would lend to me!

See I did a successful trade!!

I also got some REs as well.


So if you have a Shoyru does something happen?


w00t a new challanger!

Not that I battle….


Perhaps you should get a customizable jacket???


I almost RSed a Chomby MP, it was in the shop, but….I didn’t have any NPS out yet 😦 Sad I know. Click it to view better!

Oh and last night I got a new trophy, not that hard to get, but still it’s a trophy!sahkmet-solitaire.PNG

You accepted offer on lot: blah blah!

Oh Yea! I’m happy I finally got a purple feather boa!! I didn’t RS it though I traded it for my Draik bonnet and 235K *claps* Oh yea!! I’m happy joy joy! I now how over 1.4 mil!! w00t!


I haggled with her for a while! But it was worth it! She only originally offered the Boa but then I asked for the boa and 500K then we haggled from there! yippe! She even said she say the bonnet earlier but I must have gotten to it before her! *is happy!*
And I only paid 5k for it!!

Did I do it? Did I finally do it?

Ok You be the judge! Please tell me. Also how much should I sell it? Over Mil, over 5 Mil? More? Less? I also got an Avie!!




UpDate: Ok I talked with people on the Trades board and one of them said that since it was a new Item that I get to set the price which will no doubt be high,

1) because it’s a rare item 97
2) it’s pet specific
3) It’s an LE Pet that sells for Millions

Soooo I have a few demands to have met:
I’d like:
Plushie PB
Pink PB
Camo PB
Purple Feather Boa
Cybunny MP or TP
Total around 10M.

YAY! For Poogle Day!!

Ok So as everyone should know today is poogle day!! YAY! I got a poogle!
Anyways I named one Grinch_Luver because my boyfriend’s nick name is Grinch. I also made Purple_Camo_Gurl because I’m going to paint it camo!! Oh YAY!
I’m excited now I’ve got to make more neopoints!

Again my Fire Pb is in my trades! Right now I’ve got an offer for 590K I’m considering taking it, but if anyone wants one I’ll take the highest bidder 🙂

Oh yea! Must go play games.

I’m going to make a new page about my wishlist!!
If anyone feels so inclined to help me out feel free to do so, or buy something from my shop when I put items in it! 🙂 🙂

You must be joking!!

So I put up a trade again of my fire PB:
And I got a neomail from someone asking if I’d take everything in their trades!:
Then I looked @ her trades:

What do you think? That night stone people are selling it for under 4K with other items! HAHA! Yea right! Not going to happen. But thanks for trying!

Fire PB In my trades!



It’s also already being bid on. I’ll post the n00b/lame offers later tonight!