What’s up? Long time no post!

Well I’ve just been busy, not really haha, I’ve been playing KQ and the sims lately and working that I haven’t really posted my blog, I also add my lab zaps to Sunnyneo’s lablog thing.

So I finally figured out what I’m going to be “when I grow up”. I picked my major!! I’m going to get a BA in Elementary Education. I’m going to teach Kindergarden!! I’m really excited! But next semester I’m not taking any of the child development classes or education classes like I wanted it. 😦 Oh well I’m still taking classes I want to take though so that’s really good. I’m going to be taking:
15 credits:

Geology 101
Geology 113 (Lab)
Math 120
Rock Music and Culture

I’m excited the photoshop is a class that will go under my electives so that’s cool. And I found out I can go to my community college and still get my BA there through a program that they have with a Uni up north! I’m very very excited to have a direction to go in. And I think I’ll be able to do my student teaching with my Uncle.

Yep that’s pretty much what’s going on with me. I’m taking a two week vacation on a train to Buffalo for Christmas!! And so I won’t be back until like the 6th or 7th or something.

Todd’s at a lesson right now, or heading down there. So I’m hungry but I’m good. I can wait. We totally re did our office for it to actually look like an office! I’ll input a picture later. So now it looks like we have more room. We got rid of our couch. Todd got a desk for his computer so now we have two computers, two desks, a coffee table (HUGE) a like sort of reclining chair thing, the entertainment center, and all the cat junk, and two desk chairs.

It’s sweet!!

Vacation all I ever wanted!!

Alright everyone. It’s going to be a bit quiet on here for about a week. I’m leaving tomorrow in the A.M for Buffalo New York!!!! YIPPPEEEE!! I’m really excited and some what overly stressed.  I’m going to take a video camera and I’ll take pictures. I’ll post them on my myspace or facebook. 😀
I’m excited!!!

But I’m going to miss my babies!! 😦 😦 😦
And they’re going to miss me. Hopefully they’ll behave and not tear anything up!!
Todd and I are going to miss them terribly we always do, but we’d take them with us if we could.
Sheila’s on my lap right now her head is resting on my knee. Her right paw is dangling off my leg. She seems so relaxed. Phantom is in the chair next to us looking at Sheila and me and cleaning himself. He’s a licker loves to lick.
Cuddles’ is near the cast scratcher and is just contently sitting there.
And Scooter is laying on the couch just chilling like he always does.

Fact about Scooter: He gives hugs.
Fact about Sheila: She talks you can have a whole conversation with her. For some reason on Thursdays she will lie in bed ALL day.  And I mean all day, normally if we go in there she’ll get out of her bed, but on Thursdays she won’t even get out of bed. It happens every week! She also gives kisses.
Fact about Phantom: He loves to lick, he loves his Mamma, he meows incessantly when he’s hungry, he buries his head in my armpit (IDKY). He has a fetish with bulletin board pins!! (I do not get this). He will meow at nothing paw at the wall and start licking it.
Cuddles: She isn’t very cuddly, only when she wants the attention, not if we want to give it to her first. She has a cute meow and I swear she has looks that could kill you look in her eyes and you melt, she could do no wrong. She’s got me wrapped around her “finger”.

So that’s about my cats and I’ll miss them immensely.

I’ll see you guys later!! I come home July 8th but don’t expect me on right away. Unless I’m excited to write about something 😀

Leave me TONs of comments! Make me feel special!

Scooter is putting his paw in his water dish.

Yea so my title is weird I know, but when I looked over at scooter his paw was in the water dish. He does this weird thing where he’ll put his paw in the dish and lick it off, or clean himself with the water…weird!!

Phantom whenever he goes to the water dish puts his paw in the water before drinking, my roommate told me it was probably to check the temperature? Who knows!!

I went to see Harold and Kumar and OMG it is sooo great!! But remember kids, it rated “R”. To parents, I wouldn’t let a child under 16 (because I know how some parents let their 16+ children go and see R rated movies), because there is more nudity in this one then there was in the first one. Lets just say they have a “bottomless party”. Anyways I love this movie it’s great, but seriously if you haven’t seen Harold and Kumar go to White Castle you need to see if first before going and seeing Harold and Kumar escape from Guantanamo Bay.

Anyways so I got an A in English 101 and that means I don’t have to take the English Final!! I’m excited. Hopefully I can get an A in Math 090 and an A in Computers! Then I would have straight A’s and perhaps make the Dean’s List!! Wouldn’t that be something, in High School I never got grades like this, I think it’s messed up how they psych you out for college saying it’s difficult and that High School is preparing you for College. I was graded much harder or something in my sophomore year of High School! It’s crazy! And I actually understand what’s being taught to me. I know in part it is because of my age, the fact that I’m paying, but I think that it also helps when the teacher can teach the information and isn’t trying to make it be the most difficult thing. *sigh* ok.

Todd’s playing GTA3 right now, driving a Banshee! We really want GTA4 but we don’t have a PS3. It’s expensive and I’m going to use my stimulus check for a Lap Top for school, well that’s if I get a stimulus check… I did file, but I never got that notice in the mail that said “Oh because you filed we’re giving you, your stimulus…” how do I know what it says, well that’s because Todd and my roommates got one…so I’m unsure, but I really hope that I do!! And Todd’s planning on using his to buy himself a desk top for video editing! Did you know they have a terabyte hard drive now!?!?!? That’s 1,000 GB. INSANE!!!

This is what…

This is what it’s like when you walk around my house.

I’m in my office and I may have 1 cat in there when the door is open. In the hallway outside my office there are maybe 2 cats you see as you’re walking by. When I get to the stairs there is another 2 cats on a couple of the steps. When I get down stairs there is one on the top of the cat pole. While I walk through this there is one following behind me.
And lastly my lone cat is in my bedroom.

I swear one time today while I was going up the steps about 4 cats where at the top waiting.

Lol. I know we’re nuts we love our cats.

Scooter is getting so big. The kittens were born in August of 07 and man he is HUGE! He’s the biggest of them all, we think he’s pure Ragdoll erm, well not pure pure as he’s got some manx characteristics to him but mostly he’s Ragdoll.

I’m so bored. Todd’s at work, I’m not hungry, I’m not tired, and there’s nothing on right now.


Tomorrow I’m going to my grandma’s house to do some work for some mula! $$ I’ve got to pick up my W-2 from Ace as they hadn’t even sent it and I was supposed to get it Oh I don’t know before January 21, 2008….yea…. Then on Sunday I’m going back to Grandma’s for Easter dinner, even though I don’t believe in god.

Yes my post is all over the place.
I have no comments to reply to right now *tear*
My Jaw hurts from chewing too much gum, I know shame shame.

I’m thinking of Majoring in Web Design as it’s a job you can do from any place, Hospitals, Schools, Cafes, Diners, Book stores, etc etc. I can also do it from home if I wanted and start my own business, but I want experience before I do that. I also would want a business degree to go with that to go in with that so people who employ me will know I’ve got the credentials if I might not have the experience down the road.

*saddened* I got an 85/100 on my English paper about Scottsdale Vs. Phoenix as I didn’t grammar check because I’m not so great at it, and I wrote the paper last minute so couldn’t check it really.
At least it’s an 85, but it brought my grade down to an 85 or 88. I want it to go back to an A. It was at I think 95, it’s also because of my attendence, it sucks because I don’t want to go to school when I’m tired, I mean once I’m there I’m fine, but it’s that initial time before when I’m getting out of bed again and don’t want to leave because I want to spend time with Todd, but I guess I should start doing it more so I can accomplish my goals.

Here’s my paper for English 101. It’s about two cities in Arizona.
One is Scottsdale and one is Phoenix, it’s a comparison essay.
This is my First Draft before I made SOME corrections.

Phoenix vs. Scottsdale


            Danielle was driving her old beat up 1987 Toyota Camry in the city of Scottsdale in Arizona, and she looked completely out of place. The cars that were driven in that area were Mercedes, BMW, Acura, Lexus, etc cars of high end, she felt very out of place. There are many differences between the city of Phoenix and the city of Scottsdale in Arizona; some of the areas they differ are appearance, the working class, and people’s attitudes that live in those cities.

            The city of Phoenix has some lower price housing, roads that are rough and many cars that are beat up. The appearance of Phoenix when one looks around has a cozy feel to it. Many houses are one level ranches with a car port, a one car or two car garage. Most of them are single family homes that looked lived in and have children’s toys in the front yard. Many of the houses can range from $300,000 dollars or lower. One very rarely finds a house that is over a million dollars. Many people can get away with driving old beat up cars in this area. People often drive with a broken windshield, broken bumpers, and a dent here or there.

            The working class of Phoenix consists of a range from poor to middle class people. As far as money is concerned Phoenix very rarely flaunts it. It isn’t that people don’t have a lot of money but the people of Phoenix keep it to themselves and usually only buy the necessities.

            The attitudes that Phoenix people hold is one that is friendly and nice. Usually if a person needs directions somewhere, there is always someone willing to help. People are a little more polite and explain what they would like from a shop personal if they are out and about shopping. One who works in Phoenix and waits on fellow Phoenix natives, doesn’t usually come across a rude or inconsiderate person right off where they work.
            All this is different for the city of Scottsdale. In Scottsdale when one looks around one sees luxurious homes often ranging in price from $400,000 and up past the million dollar mark. The homes usually have a two car garage, and can sometimes be two stories, but are usually one story ranches as well; however they consist of a larger floor plan then that of Phoenix. In Scottsdale there are many upscale shopping malls as well as upscale restaurants that one can get valet parking. Fashion Square, a large mall in Downtown Scottsdale, has valet parking in their parking garages. Many of the cars in Scottsdale are that of high end, often times one will see; Porches, Boxers, Mercedes, Acura, Lexus etc, the list can go on. Usually these cars are only a few years old, and if it isn’t an adult driving one it is a sixteen year old boy or girl.  

            Unlike the working class of Phoenix, Scottsdale consists of many doctors. The range of class in Scottsdale is from the middle to high class of income. For some house holds many of the women are stay at home moms for most of their children’s life, which tells one there is money to live off of for a family, while one adult family member works.
            The attitude of Scottsdale is completely different from that of Phoenix. In Scottsdale one usually feels inferior if one does not own the high end cars, purses, or the like. The people of Scottsdale often carry on rude and sarcastic attitudes towards people who work, and act as though these people who are working in their area, usually in retail, don’t have a clue about what they are talking about. More often the females of Scottsdale carry the torch for rude, and impatience when it comes to shopping in a retail store. It seems that the people of Scottsdale expect one to know what they are thinking because they are not able to describe the product they are looking for in depth. The children who are in the High Schools are just as bad if not worse. “Clicks” or groups are formed not by the usual standards of high school, but by what car one drives, and how much money one parents have, because with out those two things one will not be able to hang out with the popular crowd and their various vacations the group takes together.

            Unlike Phoenix, Scottsdale is a rich class, where as Phoenix is a lower class in comparison to them. Although Scottsdale is more luxurious this author prefers to live in the city of Phoenix, not because of the class, but because of the personalities of the people who live there. The people of Phoenix usually have more patience with the working class, because they understand the pressures of working and needing a pay check.

So please let me know what you think.
If you guys want I’ll post my first essay in which I got a 105/100 my first College Essay ever and I got the highest grade possible and had to read it to the class.




GAH! I want a new theme!

I want a new theme but it doesn’t seem like wordpress has come out with a new one I like.
I want something perhaps with a black background purple text and 3 colomns similar to this theme that I currently have.



So I’m home and it seems like I don’t have too much to do. I just did all these things:
Cleaned the bathroom
Currently doing laundry
Bathed 3 kittens

Not too much but I started at around 10pm. It’s now 1:05am.

I have to put the laundry in the drier then put another load of laundry in the washer. I swear I’ve got about 400lbs of clothing!

Ahhh I just remembered I have my computers Midterm on Tuesday and I haven’t studied! EPPP!
:/ well I guess I’ll have to study tomorrow, yes I’m a procrastinator!


Alright Trip stories in Pieces! or Who knows maybe I’ll tell the whole thing!

Alright so the trip started the 22nd of December.  We had to have our roommate drive us down to the grey hound station @ 10:30pm to get there around 11pm the bus wasn’t to leave until 12am the 23rd….well it was late….about 2 hours late, but that was ok with us because the train wasn’t leaving until 6am so it meant less wait time for the train station to open up. So it took 2 hours to get to Flagstaff we got there around 4am. We went outside it was FREEZING! We called a cab to get to the train station it cost $5 for the ride and my boyfriend tipped the dude $5 because it was around the corner. So we got to the train station and found my suitcase was erm…”too heavy” even though the greyhound station has the same requirements I was only about 2 lbs over..so we took out the toiletries bag with the toothpaste and brushes and deodorant and the like. We didn’t think logically that we’d be needing it on the train but it was a good thing the dude asked us to remove something and that was the item because I wouldn’t have brushed my teeth for like 3 days and wow I am anal about brushing my teeth.  So 6am rolls around after sitting on hard benches for a couple hours we get up and go outside to wait for the train, it is again FREEZING! We stand out there for a little bit because we keep hearing trains and by this time it wasn’t there. We get told the train is running late, and I think they said because of Freight Congestion. The train ends up coming around 7 or 7:30am. We finally aboard this HUGE two story train it was nice and huge. My feet sometimes could reach the chair in front of me.

Thats it for today folks….I guess I’m going to do a play by play to keep you guys on or seats lol.


Alright Alright Alright!

Happy New Year everyone!!

I will tell you my adventures and tales tomorrow as I just got home about 2 hours ago!

I am alive!

Got home and found the kittens made a mess on the bed….more then 4x yep pleasant isn’t it!
So now I’m washing all the bedding and can’t go to bed for another oh hour +.

I STILL feel like I’m on the train rocking left and right left and right left and right.
I really CAN hear the train horn still…..yep!

Adventures whose got questions!?

Busy Busy Busy……FREAK OUT!

Well let’s see I’m a little stressed out because I’m leaving this Saturday night. We still have to pick up our bus tickets from will call, and do 4 million other things.
Want to hear what my past week has been like??
OK lets see Starting last Thursday I babysat, Friday I babysat, last night I was babysitting 6pm until 4:30am then got 1 hour of sleep then had to go pick up Todd @ 6am from work. canceled lessons that day and instead moved them to Sunday (today sorta). Babysitting right now which is Sunday, then babysitting tomorrow. So let’s recap in an organized manner shall we?

Thursday the 13th of December:
Babysat around 4:30pm until like 11pm
Friday the 14th of December:
Woke up at 6am to pick up Todd  from work.
Babysat 5pm until 10:30pm

Saturday the 15th of December/Sunday the 16th of December
Picked Todd up @ 6am
Canceled lesson for the day
Babysat 6pm-4:30am
Went to sleep @ 5am

Sunday the 16th of December:
Woke up @ 6am to pick up Todd from work
Woke up @ 12pm
Lesson @ 1:30pm
Went to walmart around 2:3opm
Home @ 3:15pm
Went to best friend’s house to get hair done around 4pm
Left her house @ 8pm
Babysitting 8:30pm – ? I’m still here.

Monday the 17th of December:
Wake up 6am to pick up Todd from work.
Go to best friend’s house to finish hair.
Lessons 3:30pm – 6pm
Babysit 8pm – 2am

Tuesday the 18th of December:
Doctors appointment 9:30am
Lessons 4pm – 7pm

Wednesday the 19th of December:
Lessons 1pm-5pm

Thursday the 20th of December:
Wake up @ 6am to pick up Todd from work
Go to MVD when we wake up
Babysit 5pm – 11pm

Friday the 21st of December:
Wake up @ 6 am to pick up Todd from work
Babysit  5pm – 11pm
Clean and Laundry

Saturday the 22nd of December:
Lesson 1:30pm – 2:3opm
Run Errands
Buy Luggage
10pm/11pm drive to bus station to take up north to meet train.

Yea so that’s what my week looks like and I’ve still got to clean, the office, the bedroom, the hallway, the bathroom, and do laundry leave notes on how to take care of the “kids” while we’re gone (boy am I going to miss them soooo much).
Pack, find entertainment for the train, go to the 99 cent store I’m in stress over load. I’ve still got to go to my grandmas before my Doc’s appointment for her to give me her insurance card, then I also need to get sweaters and a winter coat from her, I still need to buy suede waterproofer for my new boots. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Then I have a nice relaxing time on the train…..hopefully. I’ll be internetless, and neopetless…..and sadness of all *gasp* I won’t be able to pick up my advent *cries*.

Tick Tock say the clock. Good night moon, good night socks, good night the little old lady whispering hush!

And the World Turns

I’m not on as often as I have been but what can you do? I’ve been reading books that I checked out of the library.
Right now I’m reading a book called boy toy sounds like its about this kid who got molested!! I can’t believe it, only he’s 18 now and she’s out of jail/prison.

Anyways Todds looking for a night job, and I’ve gotten some more babysitting gigs which is good we need the money before we go on Vacation! I can’t wait to go, but I’m going to miss my “kids”, as they can’t come with =( hotels don’t seem to let pets, + we’re taking a train so it’d be more difficult.

Today my friend Jenni came over and was seeing my “kids” she kept saying “aww I want a kitty I want a kitty, can I have a kitty??” Well I told her we had a big kitty we were trying to find a new home for, so she took our big kitty Sabrina home with her. I’m very happy that she took her, because I can still see her, and I know she’s going to a great home! She just loves people but doesn’t get a long with small kids. But I’m very very happy!!

My dad paid for College, which is good I start in January I’m very excited I just hope I can keep up, that’s why I’ve asked my dad to buy my books early. So I can study them ahead of time. I’m just really scared of failing, I don’t want to fail, I want to make sure I study hard. So I’m probably going to have to cut back on the Neopets, and internet surfing, and tv, and whatever else will prevent me from doing quality work.

That’s my update for now.

Updated Myspace Page and new Avie!

So today my guild finally got the FQD for our Avatar Lending. So I believe I was the first to borrow it. I got the FQD Avie, but I swore I screenied it, but apparently I did not. But you all know what it looks like.

Also I updated my myspace, I changed the song and uploaded pictures of my baby (kitty), and my kittens. So feel free to check them out!! My Myspace

I love my kitties!!!!! They are too cute. I’ll prolly end up putting up a picture page of just my/my roommates pets! 🙂 Like a little bio of them or something. Yes we love our animals.