Schooling, College? Neopets?

So today I went to PVCC the local community college near my house. I am working on going to college and getting my core classes out of the way, English. Math, and a few other non essentials. So it looks like I won’t be starting until January, but the price tag for ONE SEMESTER is around $1372.65 for all the classes, fees, books and supplies I may need. Isn’t that a lot?? I’m excited to go back to school though I haven’t been doing too much except reading books.

Not too much going on Neopets for me. I made 1m, I’ve now got 1.1m YAY! I really want to get that adam avie. I also really really want a purple feather boa!! AUGH I wish it wasn’t an UB. I won the treasure in Deserted Tomb today, but I was too lazy to Screenie it.

My boyfriend and I are taking in 3 kittens. We need to get them their shots, and spayed and neutered. I put an ad out on CL for free kitty stuff because I really want a kitty condo, but they are so expensive plus with not having a lot of $ means that it’s a lot more difficult to get the items that our 4 cats will need. We need litter, food, toys, beds, collars, tags, shots, surgeries, endless, but they are our children and they make us happy.

Thats about it.