Busy Busy Busy……FREAK OUT!

Well let’s see I’m a little stressed out because I’m leaving this Saturday night. We still have to pick up our bus tickets from will call, and do 4 million other things.
Want to hear what my past week has been like??
OK lets see Starting last Thursday I babysat, Friday I babysat, last night I was babysitting 6pm until 4:30am then got 1 hour of sleep then had to go pick up Todd @ 6am from work. canceled lessons that day and instead moved them to Sunday (today sorta). Babysitting right now which is Sunday, then babysitting tomorrow. So let’s recap in an organized manner shall we?

Thursday the 13th of December:
Babysat around 4:30pm until like 11pm
Friday the 14th of December:
Woke up at 6am to pick up Todd  from work.
Babysat 5pm until 10:30pm

Saturday the 15th of December/Sunday the 16th of December
Picked Todd up @ 6am
Canceled lesson for the day
Babysat 6pm-4:30am
Went to sleep @ 5am

Sunday the 16th of December:
Woke up @ 6am to pick up Todd from work
Woke up @ 12pm
Lesson @ 1:30pm
Went to walmart around 2:3opm
Home @ 3:15pm
Went to best friend’s house to get hair done around 4pm
Left her house @ 8pm
Babysitting 8:30pm – ? I’m still here.

Monday the 17th of December:
Wake up 6am to pick up Todd from work.
Go to best friend’s house to finish hair.
Lessons 3:30pm – 6pm
Babysit 8pm – 2am

Tuesday the 18th of December:
Doctors appointment 9:30am
Lessons 4pm – 7pm

Wednesday the 19th of December:
Lessons 1pm-5pm

Thursday the 20th of December:
Wake up @ 6am to pick up Todd from work
Go to MVD when we wake up
Babysit 5pm – 11pm

Friday the 21st of December:
Wake up @ 6 am to pick up Todd from work
Babysit  5pm – 11pm
Clean and Laundry

Saturday the 22nd of December:
Lesson 1:30pm – 2:3opm
Run Errands
Buy Luggage
10pm/11pm drive to bus station to take up north to meet train.

Yea so that’s what my week looks like and I’ve still got to clean, the office, the bedroom, the hallway, the bathroom, and do laundry leave notes on how to take care of the “kids” while we’re gone (boy am I going to miss them soooo much).
Pack, find entertainment for the train, go to the 99 cent store I’m in stress over load. I’ve still got to go to my grandmas before my Doc’s appointment for her to give me her insurance card, then I also need to get sweaters and a winter coat from her, I still need to buy suede waterproofer for my new boots. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Then I have a nice relaxing time on the train…..hopefully. I’ll be internetless, and neopetless…..and sadness of all *gasp* I won’t be able to pick up my advent *cries*.

Tick Tock say the clock. Good night moon, good night socks, good night the little old lady whispering hush!

And the World Turns

I’m not on as often as I have been but what can you do? I’ve been reading books that I checked out of the library.
Right now I’m reading a book called boy toy sounds like its about this kid who got molested!! I can’t believe it, only he’s 18 now and she’s out of jail/prison.

Anyways Todds looking for a night job, and I’ve gotten some more babysitting gigs which is good we need the money before we go on Vacation! I can’t wait to go, but I’m going to miss my “kids”, as they can’t come with =( hotels don’t seem to let pets, + we’re taking a train so it’d be more difficult.

Today my friend Jenni came over and was seeing my “kids” she kept saying “aww I want a kitty I want a kitty, can I have a kitty??” Well I told her we had a big kitty we were trying to find a new home for, so she took our big kitty Sabrina home with her. I’m very happy that she took her, because I can still see her, and I know she’s going to a great home! She just loves people but doesn’t get a long with small kids. But I’m very very happy!!

My dad paid for College, which is good I start in January I’m very excited I just hope I can keep up, that’s why I’ve asked my dad to buy my books early. So I can study them ahead of time. I’m just really scared of failing, I don’t want to fail, I want to make sure I study hard. So I’m probably going to have to cut back on the Neopets, and internet surfing, and tv, and whatever else will prevent me from doing quality work.

That’s my update for now.

Updated Myspace Page and new Avie!

So today my guild finally got the FQD for our Avatar Lending. So I believe I was the first to borrow it. I got the FQD Avie, but I swore I screenied it, but apparently I did not. But you all know what it looks like.

Also I updated my myspace, I changed the song and uploaded pictures of my baby (kitty), and my kittens. So feel free to check them out!! My Myspace

I love my kitties!!!!! They are too cute. I’ll prolly end up putting up a picture page of just my/my roommates pets! 🙂 Like a little bio of them or something. Yes we love our animals.

Schooling, College? Neopets?

So today I went to PVCC the local community college near my house. I am working on going to college and getting my core classes out of the way, English. Math, and a few other non essentials. So it looks like I won’t be starting until January, but the price tag for ONE SEMESTER is around $1372.65 for all the classes, fees, books and supplies I may need. Isn’t that a lot?? I’m excited to go back to school though I haven’t been doing too much except reading books.

Not too much going on Neopets for me. I made 1m, I’ve now got 1.1m YAY! I really want to get that adam avie. I also really really want a purple feather boa!! AUGH I wish it wasn’t an UB. I won the treasure in Deserted Tomb today, but I was too lazy to Screenie it.

My boyfriend and I are taking in 3 kittens. We need to get them their shots, and spayed and neutered. I put an ad out on CL for free kitty stuff because I really want a kitty condo, but they are so expensive plus with not having a lot of $ means that it’s a lot more difficult to get the items that our 4 cats will need. We need litter, food, toys, beds, collars, tags, shots, surgeries, endless, but they are our children and they make us happy.

Thats about it.