DC for the Win! (My Scores)

Goals Scored 198
Goals by Layton Vickles 127
Goals by Tormo “The Terror” Frein 19
Goals by Kep Bonnefie 27
Goals by Tandrak Shaye 25
Saves by Reshar Collifey 75
Number of Wins 51
Number of Draws 4
Number of Losses 0
Slushie Slinger
Games Played 7
Top Score 555
Make Some Noise
Games Played 10
Top Score 6,766

Rank Level 1

I’m going to be updating this so hopefully I’ll remember to update the time so it’s always the first post!!


I just have to say I just played YYB and it is SOOOO much quicker! I always wondered why the guys ran so slow!!


Anyways I HIGHLY recommend downloading FF3

It not only saves you CPU and memory usage but it’s much much quicker.


I couldn’t decide between DC or Roo….so I went with my fav color!!

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