w00t I’m soooo Happy! I actually got this avie! It’s much easier to obtain with the new UB!

I scored 74 points in one shot! Oh yea! I used 2 power ups, the fire ring, and the three arrows in one, and a balloon popped up!


So it looks as though I got this avie last night but I didn’t notice it until today when I was going through my avies. Because I had spun the wheel and left it and then I forgot about it. And I came and clicked prize and it had said I already spun the wheel, like I don’t get a prize! Lol.


Did a snow quest spent a lot more NPS on it then I should have but it got me the avie!

A lot of wheels, like I got a bunch of RE’s while I was going to wheels.

This was while I went to the wheel of Mediocrity.

Updated Myspace Page and new Avie!

So today my guild finally got the FQD for our Avatar Lending. So I believe I was the first to borrow it. I got the FQD Avie, but I swore I screenied it, but apparently I did not. But you all know what it looks like.

Also I updated my myspace, I changed the song and uploaded pictures of my baby (kitty), and my kittens. So feel free to check them out!! My Myspace

I love my kitties!!!!! They are too cute. I’ll prolly end up putting up a picture page of just my/my roommates pets! 🙂 Like a little bio of them or something. Yes we love our animals.

w00t I got Avies!!

Ok So I was playing Evil Thade today, trying to get the trophy I made a stupid mistake of missing an “s” lame I know. But I got the avie!!

Thade Avie

And I got #45 on the high score list, too bad it doesn’t make me any NPS!! But I will get that trophy!!
I also got the Library Faerie avie as well!!

Library Faerie Avie

Yep a day of avies!!